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   Chapter 520 Leila’s New Job

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Updated: 2019-02-04 01:12

When Leila went to pick Charlie from school, he noticed the bright aura radiating off her. Surprised, he stared at her glowing face but kept his questions to himself. Before they went home, they went to a supermarket and bought food supplies for the dinner that night. Once they arrived, she prepared and cooked the meal while humming a song to herself. While Charlie sat on the seat of the dining table, he was staring and wondering at her sudden good mood. The dinner was served and they ate in silence until she spoke, smiling.

"Charlie, can you spare me a few minutes? There's something I'd liked to talk to you about after we eat." Chewing his meal, Charlie stared at the hopeful gleam on her. She was happy, but he couldn't stop getting unusual about it. He swallowed his meal, drank a gulp of water from his glass and asked,"What do you want to say?"

Leila leaned in and replied excitedly,"I found a job and I will start working by tomorrow! If I can't pick you on time, you'll have to wait for me at your teacher's office. I promise I won't make you wait too long." She sounded apologetic and promising at the same time but he dismissed it. Once she began working, she would have the liberty to do as she wished, just like before.

"You don't have to pick me up," he said monotonously as he continued eating his meal. "I have the duplicate key of the door. Also, I know the route back home," he added with a monotonous tone.

She couldn't believe how understanding he was of these circumstances. The school was located one block away from the house, and she was sure Charlie could do it all by himself. Considering his age, she couldn't just let him be. "No, you are too young to go home alone. I must fetch you after each class."

Puzzled, Charlie stared at her and said,"The teacher said I am smart because I have an IQ of 150. I can handle going home alone from now on."

After his words, Charlie went to his bedroom soundlessly while Leila was left speechless. Recalling his words, she soon remembered she once had him take an IQ test some time ago. The result amazed her beyond words. He was surprisingly an exceptionally intelligent child. Although she was the adult, she always felt like an idiot next to Charlie. One look from him had made her rethink her actions, making her feel uncomfortable.

The next morning, she woke up early to make a healthy breakfast for Charlie and to prepare for her first day of work. After she

elings towards Leila, turning serious as he spoke,"I think you know the kind of person she is, Mr. Lu.

She is scheming to earn your affection and favors. I don't understand your reasons for hiring her back."

"I am aware of her capabilities as a colleague but what she did to Mrs. Lu was beyond forgiveness," David spoke with conviction as his dark eyes met Charles'. "Now she is dead. Have you no conscience for doing this?"

The mention of his wife had awakened something in him, and his temperament darkened. He knew David meant no malicious intention towards Autumn's memory. His expression turned grave, and his eyes were dark as he met David's eyes. In a calm, dangerous tone, he spoke,"Are you done? I would like to say something in return."

Sensing the change, David slightly grimaced and said hesitantly,"I truly believe having Leila back in the company is a complete mistake."

Letting his thoughts be known made him at ease. He wasn't ashamed for saying those words against her even despite Charles' obvious displeasure.

"Do you want to hear my reason?" Charles sighed and stared at him.

He nodded and Charles proceeded to speak,"My reason for hiring Leila is simple. Our company is in dire need of staff equipped with experience like her. She can adapt to her new job. This will also reduce your and Alice's burden of tasks, giving you a leeway of your time, perhaps to date."

David's cheeks instantly flushed. Embarrassed at his words, he interjected immediately,"Mr. Lu, please don't say it like that. We do take our jobs seriously and wholeheartedly. Alice and I still have time to spend together."

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