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   Chapter 519 One Step Closer

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"I see," Charles said. Autumn's disappearance was a big blow for Isla. Three years had passed, but she still had not gotten over the loss of her best friend. Apart from Charles, Isla was the only other person who could not let Autumn go.

And because they felt the same way, Charles was always hesitant to see Isla.

He feared that he might slip into endless sorrow once again if he met Isla.

"Has David sorted the documents?" he asked Alice. He told himself to focus on business.

"I'll go and check it now," Alice replied. Since they'd been discussing business, Leila was left alone. As she stood outside Charles' office, she suddenly felt awkward. Charles realized he had kept his guest waiting for a long time. So he told his assistant,"That's all for now. I need to see your plans as soon as possible. You may go now," he told Alice.

Alice nodded, and then turned to leave. She noticed Leila and reminded her boss,"Mr. Lu, Leila has been waiting outside. Will I tell her to come in now?"

"Yes, ask her in. And by the way, bring me some coffee," he requested. Charles settled in his chair and waited.

Leila entered hesitantly, approached Charles' desk and stood stiffly. When she worked there, she could handle anything. Now, she dreaded the changes. Even looking at Alice, she couldn't help but cast an envious glance at the woman.

Then the doubts started to creep in. 'What if I no longer qualify as a secretary?' she asked herself.

"What are you doing standing there?" Charles broke into her thoughts. "Have a seat," he offered. She gave an embarrassed smile and took the seat opposite her former boss. In spite of her nerves, she couldn't stop thinking how handsome he still looked.

"So, how does it feel to be back here?" Charles inquired. "There hasn't been any big change. What can you say?" he prodded.

Leila nodded, and then shook her head. Realizing how confusing her actions were, she hurriedly explained to Charles,"Yes, the place feels familiar, but the environment seems different. And it's somehow strange. When I worked here, I don't remember

receive more than enough for your needs." She mumbled her gratitude. "As for your working hours..." Charles paused.

He knitted his brows while giving it considerable thought. "I know you have a child who is too young to take care of himself. So, I am allowing you to leave the office, if necessary. There is only one thing I hope you can guarantee: you finish your work every day. You can bring it home and get it done after you've put your son to sleep. Are you agreeable to these conditions?" he asked. "Can you do that?" he asked Leila again.

"That will not be a problem," she responded with a confident smile. "Once I accept your offer, I promise to work hard and perform my duties faithfully. I will live up to all your expectations. You have my word on that," Leila vowed.

"I'm very glad to hear that!" Charles said, bursting into laughter. "Why don't you go straight to the HR Department and complete all the entry formalities?" he suggested. "And by the way, when can you start?"

"Tomorrow!" Leila answered immediately, eager to get back to work.

"Well then, I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled as Leila left his office.

Things went so smoothly she could hardly believe what was happening. When she finally signed her contract at the HR Department, Leila realized it wasn't a dream.

And in her mind, she was screaming, 'Now, I am a step closer to getting Charles!'

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