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   Chapter 518 Meeting Old Acquaintances

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Charlie always looked tidy in his suits. He walked steadily towards school while Leila carrying his small bag followed. People who came across the two found them a little strange.

When they arrived, she escorted him up to the school gate and watched him enter. Then she hailed a taxi that would bring her to Shining Company.

Now standing in front of the Shining Company gate, Leila could not believe how quickly time flew. Four years ago, she left this company in shame and never expected to be back one day.

Staring at the magnificent gate of the company, Leila dreamed of the day when she would marry Charles and become the only hostess of the Lu family.

In the past four years, not only things but people had changed.

Shining Company continued to stand proudly, but its design and décor, as well as the employees, were almost different. Leila came across several familiar faces, who all smiled in greeting but whose eyes looked confused. Nobody remembered her name. But it did not matter. Leila simply smiled at them out of politeness and then went on her way.

She swore that one day, everyone in the company would know who she was.

David was shocked when he caught sight of Leila in the premises. He had brought some files to the meeting room. He frowned as they came face-to-face. He couldn't help but ask,"Leila? What are you doing here?"

Many years may have passed, but David still looked at Leila with disdain. He could never forget the devious things she had done before and couldn't help feeling disgusted at the sight of her.

"Get out of here! You are not welcome in this company!" he growled. He wanted Leila to leave because the meeting would soon be over and if Charles saw Leila there, he would blame David for not keeping her out.

David was trying his best to drive Leila away.

"David, it's so nice to see you again," she said in greeting. She flashed a friendly smile like those shared among friends.

Alice chose that moment to make an appearance. She didn't notice Leila, but pushed David and berated him,"Why are you standing there?

you and David have a special relationship," Leila pointed out. Holding the juice in her hand, she looked at Alice. Charles' assistant gave an embarrassed smile. "Oh, it's that obvious."

Her cheeks turned pink. "Yes, we are together." Alice thought it was pointless to deny and conceal their relationship.

Leila was a bit surprised but kept a friendly smile on her face.

"Really? So, when are you planning to get married?" Leila asked.

"We haven't decided yet," Alice replied. Feeling at ease speaking to Leila, she was about to raise another topic when Charles came out of the meeting room. He nodded when he saw Leila and said,"Oh, you're here."

Leila wanted to come forward, but he quickly entered his office, while handing Alice a file. "This file is from BM Corporation. Study it carefully, and then I want your feedback by the end of office hours," he instructed.

BM Corporation's headquarters were in the United States, and it had a small branch in Y City. Even as a small company, it had taken away big business from Shining Company. Charles didn't mind it at first but now decided to take actions against the competition to prevent further losses.

"Okay, Mr. Lu," Alice nodded and accepted the file. "I made an appointment for you with the consultant of Lighten House Company tomorrow evening. And his wife will be joining him at the meeting," she added.

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