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   Chapter 516 Anthony Agreed

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As Anthony remained silent, Sheryl went on,"It doesn't matter what happened in the past. And nothing is more important to me now than you and Shirley. I lost my memory and you're the only one who was with me when I needed someone to depend on. That man, he means nothing to me. Not even once have I mentioned his name in my letters. It must've been because my past with him was full of unpleasant things. This is why I don't want to associate myself with him in any way I can."

Then, Sheryl slowly placed both her hands in Anthony's cheeks, gently brushed them and said,"I only care about you now. So please, have more faith in yourself, in me and our relationship. Can you do that, for me?" Her words came in a gush of wind that was filled with love, enough to rekindle her boyfriend's hope for their relationship.

He stared at Sheryl who was doing her best to comfort him, his dull expression slowly lit up and a ray of hope was seen in his eyes.

Thinking how ridiculous he was for worrying about such things, Anthony thought to himself, 'Three years have passed, and a lot of things have changed. She is Sheryl now, different from the Autumn before. Moreover, she is my woman now.

I'm the one who kept her company when she needed someone to depend on. As for Charles, he's long been gone from her memory. He no longer exists.

Sheryl has even forgotten his name, his existence. So, what else do I have to worry? We get along just fine. I understand her needs, including Shirley's. We have shared and gone through a lot together for the past years.

Maybe I was being too sensitive. Maybe I was just worrying for nothing.

This woman, she worked so hard for our future. I shouldn't put her down nor let her give up the chance for us to be together.'

After persuading himself, he grabbed Sheryl's hand and said tenderly,"Sher, if you are already so sure of your decision and have already made up your mind, then I won't stop you anymore. You can go there and fulfill your dream for that fashion show." "As for Shirley, I'll help you look after her so you can rest your mind and focus on what you want to achieve. We'll wait for you," Anthony added in a calm and promising tone.

When she heard him say those words, a smile lit up on her face. She said in relief,"Thank you, Anthony. I won't let you down." Sheryl might have gained Anthony's approval, but a sense of guilt was slowly filling her heart. She could only lower her head to keep him from noticing the inexplicable anxiety in her eyes.

What she confided to Anthony was just a trivial reason for her decision to visit Y City. The real reason behind her decision was because of a voice. A voice kept on resounding in her mind, telling her to return to her hometown.

This familiar voice piqued her interest to have a look at the city where she had lived, but forgotten completely.

The desire to know why someone kept calling her name and who it was kept growing i

ing. I have an idea," Chris said while frowning. After a long pause of thinking, she suggested,"You used to be Charles' secretary, right? Perhaps you can handle the work in Shining Company. I heard he needs a secretary and you are a perfect fit. After taking over Sun Company, he's become a lot busier. Go ahead and apply for that post."

Despite seeing Leila's puzzled face, she went on,"This way, you can help Charles with his work. At the same time, you can find a chance to get closer to him and cultivate your feelings. And oh, you can take of him as an incentive. He has a lot of things to do in a daily basis that he could no longer take care of his own. As long as you work for him, you can show him how much you love and care for him." "This is a good opportunity for you to be closer to him, you shouldn't let this slip," she added with a sense of urgency.

"Do you think that'll work?" Leila asked hesitantly. Leila couldn't help but feel uneasy about Chris' plan. She knew that it would fail easily, given Charles' sharp intuition. But it might go well too, and she would like to hold on to this little hope.

"Of course, it will!" Chris replied immediately. The look on Leila's face was full of doubts. Her hesitant expression made Charles' sister wrinkle her forehead. Chris impatiently asked,"Do you want to marry my brother or not?"

Shocked by Chris' sudden question, Leila was rendered speechless. "I… Of course I do!" Leila admitted with a blush. 'Now is not the time to hesitate. I should grab this chance before I lose him again, ' she told herself.

"I see. If you want to get married to him, stop hesitating and start taking actions as soon as possible. If you keep on acting slow, soon enough, he'll grow farther away. If that happens, when can you get him?" Chris lectured while pouting, with her arms crossed. "And even if you can wait, haven't you considered your son's situation?" Chris continued as he seriously asked Leila.

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