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   Chapter 513 Telling Lies

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"Maybe..." Sue hesitated. "Anthony overreacted because he was thinking of your miserable past in Y City," she suggested. "And Shirley's father is there, which is why he's strongly opposed to your going back. The man only wants to protect you but is going about it the wrong way." She waited for a reaction but got none. While quiet, Sheryl was actually pondering Sue's words.

'Her assumption makes sense. I did escape from Y City. And before I lost my memory, I wrote a letter to myself warning me never to go back to that place, ' she thought.

The woman argued with herself, 'But this show is important to me, so I can't miss it. No matter what I'm going to face there, I have to go and finish the show.' Sheryl took a deep breath.

Sue's voice broke into her thoughts. "Sher, I believe you need to talk with Anthony. I'm sure there's a good reason why he seems to have become so unreasonable." She peered at Sheryl before cautiously saying,"Maybe, he's just trying to protect you." What was important for Sue was her friend's happiness.

Sheryl considered Sue's words and then nodded. "I see" was all she said.

When Sue left the apartment, she headed straight to a car. Anthony drove her there. The whole time she was with Sheryl, he stayed inside the vehicle waiting patiently and staying out of sight.

"How is Sheryl?" he asked the moment Sue entered the car. Anthony could tell Sue was irritated, but he was excited to hear about Sheryl.

In reply, she grumbled,"Next time you call me, it better be for some good news. Did you know I was in the middle of a dream when you called? You may be a cute guy, but you can't treat me like that! Do you know how annoying suddenly being awakened can be?"

Anthony accepted her scolding and apologized,"I'm very sorry. I had no one else to call for help. I was afraid of getting into a fight with her again if I came to the apartment myself."

Sue huffed,"Sher told me you fought because you disapproved of her going to Y City. Is that right?" Anthony looked away briefly.

Then he nodded, but did not explain.

Her brows furrowed, she hesitated before asking,"Is it because Shirley's birth father is there?" Anthon

king very worried.

Sheryl was, of course, stunned. "What are you talking about?" she asked. Confused, she quickly denied,"I don't have a fever."

It was Anthony's turn to look surprised. Then he caught sight of Shirley sitting on the couch, her eyes looking straight at him, and he understood what had happened. Disappointment in his eyes, he thought, 'She's learned to lie to me.'

His eyes hardened, and sternly, he called out,"Shirley!" Inside, he was telling himself, 'This is not good. I need to correct this habit of lying.'

The little girl knew she did something wrong and pursed her lips. Head bowed low, she approached the angry man and said,"I shouldn't have lied to you. I'm sorry. But you lied to me, too, didn't you?"

Anthony was taken aback. "When did I do that to you?" he asked. He was trying to recall what he told the girl.

"You told me you were working. But I saw your car downstairs. And you're not the only one who didn't tell the truth. Sher lied to me, too," she replied, darting glances at both adults. Sheryl and Anthony were at a loss for words.

"You two were fighting. But you told me you weren't," Shirley accused. With her brows knitted, she turned to Anthony and demanded,"Tell Sher you're sorry and you two make up. Because if you don't, no one will make lunch for me."

She sighed inwardly, 'When Sher is in a bad mood, she becomes upset and absent-minded. So, how is she going to take care of me?'

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