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   Chapter 508 Finding A Common Ground

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Leila stared at Chris and said in a solemn voice,"Yeah, if you talk about love, I really had deep feelings for Mr. Lu. I cannot deny it. He is handsome, successful at such a young age and more than anything else, he is a thorough gentleman. How could anyone ever resist his charm?

Had it been a few years back, I would have been overjoyed to accept your proposal. I would have promised anything to be with Charles. But now my priorities have changed. Now, all my focus is on my son. As a mother, I have to be responsible for both of us. I need to pay attention to my behaviors. It's important for me to set a good example. Besides, I don't have much money. The first thing I think about when I wake up is how to make more money to support myself and my son. Love is merely a luxury for me. But then one's energy is limited. I can't waste my energy on gaudy enjoyment." Leila spoke in one breath. For the first time she sounded reasonable to Chris. Leila was infamous for her deceitful and opportunistic attitude that had even affected Charles and Autumn's marriage in the past.

Leila stood up and continued maintaining the earnestness in her voice,"Miss Lu, I am sorry. I can't keep your request. It is no use persuading me. I won't say yes." Speaking these words she turned her back towards Chris, trying to map her silence as she listened to her. Leila played her cards very well till now. She knew exactly how to win Chris's confidence and use her to get Charles back in her life. All her good intentions as she revealed to Chris were fake. Her ultimate goal was to get married to Charles. And she was sure Chris would create opportunities for her to get close to Charles. 'After Autumn went missing, Charles' loneliness has been a matter of concern for everyone in the Lu family. And who could be better than me to be with Charles?' Leila thought.

"Wait!" Chris stopped Leila by holding her arm as she was about to leave.

No matter how much genuine Leila tried to sound in front of Chris, her past activities stopped her from believing in her. 'How is it possible for a girl like Leila to give up on Charles? My gut tells me she is lying, ' Chris thought to herself.

'However, I have no other choice. She is the only hope to save Charles from depression. Besides, she has a son from Charles. Anyhow, I have to help her win Charles's affection.'

Chris just could not let Leila go. She had to stop her for Charles's sake. She held Leila's arm and pleaded earnestly,"Leila, please take a seat and listen to me for a moment. I promise it won't take a long time." Leila didn't speak. Nor did she move from her place. Chris pulled Leila's hand and got her seated on the chair.

Then she sat down face to face with her and said,"Although you don't admit that Charles is the father of your son, I am not blind. Nor am I a fool. He has such striking resemblance with Charles that you simply can't deny that he is Charles's son." Leila lowered her eyes as she pretended to listen to Chris. However, heart of heart, she was elated and proud to be Charlie's mother. Charlie was the gate pass for her to enter into Charles's life and become his wife. But she showed no excitement in front of Chris. Rather, she presented herself to be a tender and considerate mother. Inside, her heart was taking leaps of fantasy by the thought of becoming Charles's wife and reigning over Dream Garden. But her face reflected humbleness as she sat with her head lowered in front of Chris.

Inch by inch Leila was getting closer to her target. She could not afford to make any mistake. She could not let Chris get the slightest hint of what was going on in her mind. Hence, she kept her eyes lowered lest Chris read her mind. In her mind, she said happily, 'Autumn did one good thing for me. She gave birth to a son and left him for me to bring him up. Now her son will help me to achieve my rightful place in Charles's life.'

Keeping her ambitions conc

woke up, I had left. I didn't know how to face him and Autumn. I just kept it a secret. It was out of my expectation that I was pregnant. After serious consideration and struggling with myself for a long time, I decided to give birth to the baby. He is Charlie." Leila finally played her card. She had Chris hear what she wanted to hear. Also she made the story clear once and for all so that it could stop questioning Charlie's identity over and over again.

Leila forced a smile and continued,"I have been worried about Charlie these days. He is growing to be more and more like Mr. Lu. He has asked me a thousand times why he doesn't have his father. The other children all have their fathers. I have really been anxious about his mental health.

If you can help me to be with Mr. Lu, Charlie will have his father and I will appreciate your help." Leila stared at Chris with gratefulness written all over her face. Leila could not believe her luck. Heart of heart, she was bouncing with joy. But she had to show integrity and self-respect in front of Chris. At least till the time she got married to Charles.

Chris was not to be easily cheated either. She knew Leila too well to believe every word uttered by her just on the face of it. Though Chris was looking at Leila's face, her mind kept hovering over the idea to see Leila, Charles and Charlie as one happy family. And in the view of this, Leila's words could be partly trusted. She hesitated for a while and promised,"Since the child is Charles's, we won't let him live outside. I will consider it carefully and call you." Chris knew that Leila was not telling the complete truth. And she was very well aware of Leila's intention. Chris was sure Leila wanted to be Mrs. Lu.

"Why are you helping me?" Leila asked with the desperation venting out through her voice. The last statement made by Chris put her into a dilemma once again. She thought, 'Chris doesn't like me. Why did she offer to help me? And now she is saying that they won't let Charlie live outside. What does she mean by that? What if she just takes away Charlie and ditch me?' Thousands of questions came crowding her mind. It was important for her to know Chris's real intentions.

Chris smiled ruefully and explained,"In these years, Charles felt Autumn was still alive. He had meals on time, went to work in the day, sleep late at night. Whenever he was free, he would drink too much. I feel sorry for him and hope your coming into his life will help him to come out of this life of quiet desperation. That's why I will help you."

Leila nodded in a reassuring manner and promised,"I will."

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