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   Chapter 506 Not Yet Time

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7390

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Leila's initial plan was to bring the boy to see the Lu family a year after Autumn's disappearance. But she had two fears. One was that Charles might suspect the child's identity. And the other was that Autumn might suddenly appear. So she kept putting off her plan.

Then recently, she learned Charles was a frequent guest at one bar. She decided to work there. After more than a month of waiting, she finally came face-to-face with him.

She was glad that all her efforts were not in vain.

Charles scowled at Leila on hearing her words, as he said,"Autumn must be living somewhere else already. Maybe she has a problem with me, and that's why she hasn't come back to me."

Leila raised an eyebrow, unconvinced. "Come on, Mr. Lu. Stop deceiving yourself," she said. "It's been too many years since she left. Shouldn't you set her free? Look at me."

She checked to see if he was paying attention. "Many years ago, you meant everything to me. And I thought you would accept me if I took care of you and stayed loyal to you. I was even dreaming that you would divorce Autumn for me. And if that had been the case, I was determined to go see Autumn to apologize."

She gave a self-mocking smile and confessed,"But when you fired me, I realized I was coveting someone who never belonged to me. Autumn was the only one you loved. It took me three years to let you go and move on. So I know you can do it, too."

Charles gave her a bitter smile. "I'm sorry," he said earnestly. He sighed while thinking, 'To keep Autumn from becoming paranoid, I was cruel to Leila. Now she's so thin that I can barely recognize her.'

This time, Leila gave him a real smile. "I'm telling you these things not because I want an apology. But I do hope you can forget Autumn, and go on with your life. She's gone now, and you can't bring her back. It's best to let her go and move on," she advised.

Charles gave her a wry smile. "I know I should let go of Autumn and move on with my life. I've tried but I just can't," he sighed.

Suddenly, he stood up and said,"Let's go!"

"Go where?" Leila asked. His command stunned her.

"I had drinks, so I can't drive. Besides, your manager said that you had a son and he

"Are you done here? I still have things to do at the office, so I need to leave," Charles said with a hint of annoyance.

Chris panicked as she saw her brother attempting to leave. She quickly grabbed his hand and appealed,"Wait, Charles. Look, there's a toy shop, and I want to have a look there." She was gesturing to the opposite shop. "Please stay a while longer. Are you going to let me go around carrying all this stuff with my bulging belly?" she implored.

Her brother grumbled,"Don't you think it's too early to buy toys for your unborn baby?"

"It's never too early," she replied with a grin. "I need to get everything ready for my baby." She shifted to negotiating mode. "We can go home after taking a look there, okay?"

With great reluctance, Charles finally gave in.

Chris cheerfully went through the racks of baby accessories. "How about this, Charles?" she asked. "I have a feeling this is going to be a baby girl. When I give birth, I'll dress her up so she'll look like a pretty princess," she told her brother, her eyes full of expectation and joy.

Charles held out a princess dress with a pink collar bow and commented,"I think this is lovely." Deep inside he was thinking bitterly, 'I was looking forward to the arrival of our twins and wondered about their gender. Now, I will never have the chance to meet my children.'

Chris stared at Charles with wide eyes. She never expected her brother to choose the color pink for an infant.

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