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   Chapter 503 You Can't Go There

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"You won't understand it." Sheryl felt awkward every time she had to give explanation to anyone regarding her relationship with Anthony. Why was it that except for her everyone thought that Anthony would make the perfect husband for her? Last night it was Shirley and now Sue. This was one question that she was being faced with everywhere. She always avoided discussing this with Sue, but today she felt like putting an end to this topic once and for all. It was the first time she talked about this issue with Sue. She gave a bitter smile and said,"Although we are together with each other these years, actually there is no attraction between us. The passion between couples has never existed in our relationship and I have no special feeling for him even when he holds my hand." Sheryl spoke in a point blank manner.

Sue looked at Sheryl's face with utter disbelief. "So, how about sex?" Sue probed Sheryl out of curiosity.

"What are you talking about?" Sheryl blurted out. She was completely taken aback to be asked such a private question. She was almost on the verge of losing her cool. But then she remembered how supportive Sue had been for her. "We have never even kissed. Leave aside sex."

Sue was shocked. Her eyes almost popped out as she asked,"What? Are you kidding me? Do you mean that you and Anthony even haven't kissed in a three-year-relationship?" Sue had started to realize that it was just a one sided love from Anthony. What she still could not believe was that how a girl could be so indifferent to her boyfriend like Anthony.

'Are they really dating each other? That's incredible!' Sue thought to herself.

"Yes," Sheryl said with a firm voice hiding her embarrassment. From the way Anthony stayed with her like a shadow and took care of her and Shirley, it was obvious for others to assume them to be a couple. However, it was crystal clear in her mind that she had no sexual interest in Anthony. He was just a good family friend to her. Nothing more, nothing less.

"That's really unbelievable. I have never met a couple who can maintain their relationship in this way!" Her eyes wide open as she spoke to Sheryl. "Okay," Sue said, trying to bring herself back from state of shock and look calm. Then she shook her head gently and said in a convincing manner,"Sher, no matter what, I think Anthony is a good man to be your husband. And if you still don't love him, then, please let go of him."

Sheryl agreed with what Sue was saying. She had been with Anthony for three years now and it was indeed high time to consider whether they should move on or not. And not that Sheryl did not think about it before, but she could not even deny the fact that she did not want to lose Anthony as a friend either.

"Yes, I know. I will make a decision after I come back from Y City." Sheryl gave a smile and said,"I really should have a talk with Anthony on this issue."

No matter what decision they would make, Sheryl would always take Anthony as her best friend. Why couldn't a man and a woman be just good friends? Why was it necessary for them to get married? She found a lot

r." Sheryl added,"The spring and summer clothes fashion show would be held in another city. So I will have to leave for a few days. I want you to take care of Shirley during that time."

"No problem." Anthony nodded his head. Shirley was very comfortable with him even when Sheryl was not around. It would rather be good fun for both of them. Hence he agreed to her request immediately.

"How long will you be away?" Anthony asked her.

"I am not sure yet." Sheryl shook her head and added,"The sponsor didn't tell me and I haven't asked him either."

"Then... where will you go?" Anthony just asked causally munching his food, but the answer came as shock to him from head to toe. "Where will you go?" he asked once again to make sure what he heard was right.

"Y City," Sheryl answered with a smile on her face. "Actually I really want to go there because it's my birthplace." Sheryl spoke with a lot of fondness in her voice. The mention of Y City brought a strange homely feeling to her heart. She could feel an innate bonding with that city though she did not remember much about it.

Albeit her mind was completely blank about everything that took place before Shirley's birth, she knew that she came from Y City. All she remembered was that she came from that city with Shirley when she was just an infant. And now that she got a chance to pay visit to her hometown, she was thoroughly excited.

"No, you can't go there!" Anthony uttered abruptly bringing Sheryl back from her trance. Sheryl stared at his face with disbelief. She had never seen him speaking in this way in the last three years. Suddenly, the jovial family environment changed in to a tensed and somber one. Even little Shirley could feel the heaviness in the room and started crying. Sheryl quickly shifted her attention towards her and tried to pacify her while watching Anthony from the corner of her eyes. Anthony's face had become firm and his eyebrows stitched into a tight frown. He looked angry for the first time. And for some unknown reason it sent a chill down Sheryl's spine.

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