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   Chapter 502 Interview

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"It's all right," Sheryl said as she hugged Shirley closer to her. She gently passed her fingers through Shirley's hair and asked her with a smile,"Why do you ask me this suddenly, Shirley?" She maintained a smile on her face and looked at her daughter's face, trying to read her mind.

"They all have a daddy, but I don't," said Shirley softly as she lifted her face to look at Sheryl. Sheryl could see it coming. And no matter how much you prepare for such questions, you can't save yourself from the awkwardness of the situation. Sheryl kept looking at Shirley patiently as Shirley continued,"They say daddy and mommy should be married. So if you marry Tony, I will have a daddy, too." For a little girl of her age, Shirley couldn't definitely understand what the word marry meant. She just thought it to be a kind of a bridge that will make her equal to her peers.

Even at this tender age she could make out that she was different from the other kids. And she even knew the fact that it was just a daddy that was needed to complete her family. And for getting daddy home, her mommy had to get married to one.

"So do you really like Tony or not?" Sheryl asked Shirley as she held her tight on her lap. Anthony had proposed her several times in the last few years, but every time she hesitated. She didn't have the courage to say yes. Every time, she ended up refusing him.

But Anthony didn't give up. He had been kind to them all the time. He had been like a support for them all these years. He was ready to wait for her to say yes.

"Tony is nice to me. I want him to be my daddy." Shirley sounded very clear and confident as she spoke. Sheryl couldn't help being amazed at the clarity of mind her little girl exhibited.

It is so surprising how observant the kids are. Shirley was very well aware of the fact that Anthony was not her real father. However, she realized that it would be good for her and Sheryl if they got married. She could even see how Sheryl worked hard to make the ends meet and remained tired most of the time.

In her small little heart, Shirley seemed to be planning for her mommy's future. Sheryl could not stop admiring her little one for the sensitivity and concern she showed towards her.

However, what Shirley demanded was a difficult target to be achieved. Because no matter how much the situation seemed to be getting better if she agreed to marry Anthony, it would not be possible. Simply because, Sheryl had no feelings towards him.

Hence, she listened to Shirley patiently and ended the discussion saying,"It's late, sweetie. Time for you to go to bed." Sheryl pulled the quilt for her and patted her good night.

Mornings are usually super busy for mothers and more so if you are a single mother. The next day started with Sheryl diligently readying Shirley for her kindergarten. After she dropped Shirley to the kindergarten, she headed towards an interview of BM Corporation.

It was grand spring-summer fashion show that was being organized by BM Corporation. Sheryl and her friend Sue had made an appointment for that interview.

Sue had been a constant support for Sheryl ever since. Sheryl landed in this foreign land with a baby in her arm. The two women from eastern origin felt like finding a home in each other in an unknown country. By the time Sheryl reached BM Co

't know. He seems to be very busy of late."

Sheryl didn't like to ask too much about Anthony's private life. Moreover, she didn't even have asked him either, because he would always tell her everything. Sue had been telling her that it was very silly of her not accepting Anthony's marriage proposals. "If I were in your place, I would have definitely married him by now. But look at you, Sheryl, you don't have any interest in him."

In Sue's words, it was the typical case of a full man knew no hunger.

Sheryl just chose to smile and avoided the topic every time Sue brought it up. Even this time, she just smiled and waited for the topic to change.

Sheryl could never express her thoughts to anyone. Hence she just kept them at the bottom of her heart in a way that no one would ever be able to even touch them.

Sue could see love for Sheryl in Anthony's eyes. But she never understood what made Sheryl so cold towards him. She often tried to convince Sheryl to get married to Anthony. But whenever she brought this topic up, Sheryl avoided the discussion in a very diplomatic manner. Sue felt concerned about Sheryl and her daughter. She felt that Anthony was the answer for all their troubles. She feared that if Sheryl kept procrastinating her decision to marry Anthony, she might lose him to some other woman and end up regretting all her life.

Sheryl looked at Sue with knitted eyebrows and said,"Mimi, if you like him so much, I'd like to give him to you."

"What?" Sue exclaimed. "Come on, a friend's wife is not to be bullied, nor a friend's husband, either. I have strong sense of justice. So how can I keep thinking about your boyfriend?" Mimi was the nickname that Sheryl lovingly called Sue. Sue was a model with an excellent figure, but her face was a little bit round. The dresser was always teasing saying her that she needed more cosmetics.

So Sheryl was called Mimi which literally meant a little fat kitty.

Sue frowned at Sheryl and said,"I'm just worried about you. It's not easy to look after Shirley all by yourself. If you get married to Anthony, he can help you with your burden. Then you won't have to work so hard. I just don't understand why you wouldn't accept that. Why?"

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