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   Chapter 501 Shirley

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Anthony despaired of changing Autumn's mind, so he turned to Andy and let him know about her decision. Andy wanted to tell Abby, but Autumn refused.

"I hope you can keep this to yourself forever," Autumn said in a hard voice, her face grim.

"But why?" Andy asked frowning, looking at Autumn in confusion. "Since you disappeared, Abby has suffered so much. She couldn't eat or sleep well and constantly worry about you. Now that you've recovered, why don't you come back and put them out of their misery?" Andy reproached Autumn.

"I'm sorry for being selfish," Autumn replied sadly, looking guilty. "I want to forget everything, that's why I've decided to take those pills. I can't come back and live with you because of all the painful memories. I want to forget that part of my life. I can't continue to live like this," Autumn said in a final tone. She had already made her decision.

Andy shook his head and asked," How about Arthur and Amy? How can you bear to see them weep for you every day?"

"I…" Autumn faltered, not knowing what to say. She felt like a rebellious teenager who had no thought for anybody but herself. It might sound selfish but she had only one thought in her mind right now and that was to forget everything, move to a new place and start her life anew.

"They will soon forget about me. Perhaps… our roads will cross one day," Autumn continued sadly, her face bleak with sorrow. "I caused them nothing but trouble since I came into their lives. They were constantly worried about me. I hope you will spend more time with them and take good care of them," Autumn pleaded.

"Are you really sure about this?" Andy asked, searching her face intently, hoping that she would change her mind and forget about her ridiculous plan.

"Yes, I'm sure," Autumn answered with finality. In her mind, that was the only choice she had. "Andy, there is one thing… I want to ask you a favor."

She drew near to Andy and whispered in his ear. After a slight hesitation, he nodded in agreement. "Now that you've made up your mind, I will respect your decision. I'll keep your secret for now, but when you get settled, I'll bring them to see you," he promised.

"It's a deal," Autumn agreed without argument. The only person she intended to avoid was Charles. She hoped never to see him as long as she lived.

Autumn asked Andy to give her a new identity. She wanted to go with a new name, Sheryl Xia.

Autumn wa

smile crept up in Shirley's face. Recently, Sheryl has been training Shirley to sleep alone in a separate bed. However, things didn't go smoothly. Every night, exactly at midnight, her baby girl would appear in her room clutching her teddy bear.

Looking at her cute face, Sheryl didn't have the heart to push her away. "Shirley, dearest, you have to learn to sleep alone one day," she cooed wrapping her arms gently around her small body.

"I'll do that when I'm a little older. I'm too small," Shirley said seriously, looking up at her mom with a pathetic look in her face. "Sher, when will you marry Tony?" she asked her mom curiously, wrapping her arms around Sheryl's neck.

Shirley meaned everything to Sheryl. She promised herself that she would give her daughter the best future she could give, and that was why she worked very hard to earn and save money.

Her daughter was a very good girl and she never gave her trouble, even as a baby. She didn't throw tantrums like other kids and she was very affectionate. Her only little shortcoming was being too clingy.

Sheryl thought that her daughter was perfect. She had a delicate face and a pair of black, starry eyes. Staring at her eyes, Sheryl thought of the man who always appeared in her dream. That man also?had?the same impressive eyes. However, she couldn't remember his name.

"I'm talking to you, Sher. What are you thinking about?" Shirley asked. Unlike other kids, Shirley never called Sheryl, mom. She always called her by her pet nickname for her, Sher. When she was little, she gave Anthony a nickname, too," Tony". And she still called him that.

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