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   Chapter 500 Playing One Role

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"But he cheated on me!" Autumn blurted out. She took out a photo with both Leila and Charles naked on the bed, and showed it to Andy. "As you can see, he doesn't deserve to be my child's father," she said with conviction.

'Those drugs must have made Autumn become so assertive, ' Andy suspected. With a scowl, he defended Charles,"There must have been some mistake. Since you disappeared, he seemed to have lost his mind and looked everywhere to search for you. I think he really cares about you."

"The photo will not lie. It turns out he is a good actor and fooled all of us," Autumn exclaimed. After a long pause, she smiled wryly and continued,"I thought he was the man I could rely on for the rest of my life. But you have seen the picture. He is a cheater."

"Autumn, you..." Andy tried to persuade her, his brows knitted. Autumn looked at Andy, and interrupted,"Andy, if you really care about me, please stop trying to defend him. Charles and I… we're done."

As she spoke those words, she felt great pain as if a dagger pierced her heart. However, she thought leaving Charles was the best choice. All she could yearn for, was to have her daughter with her.

Andy's expression turned sour. He stated blandly,"I know you're still mad at him. When you calm down, you can come to talk to me."

Looking at Autumn, Andy negotiated,"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone that you're here, including Abby. When you're ready, you can come to us. Does that work for you?"

"Okay, thank you!" Autumn nodded.

Andy made this decision after weighing things out. 'It's Autumn's personal matter. If I tell Charles and the Zhao family that she is here, she will hate me. It'll just make things worse.

I'll just wait. When she composes herself and tells me her final decision, I'll figure it out, ' he thought.

When Andy left Autumn's room, Anthony had already put away all the plates. At the sight of Andy, Anthony greeted,"Are you done talking?"

"Oh, yeah," Andy replied. Andy then asked why Autumn was staying here. Anthony told him how he discovered her. Knowing what had happened to

to be a good thing for her.

After much mulling, she thought the only way for her to start a new life and move on was to forget Charles.

"Are you gonna choose this drug?" Anthony asked, his pupils almost popped out.

"Yeah," Autumn replied enthusiastically. "I need to care for my child. If I fail to get a treatment for my illness, I'm afraid I might hurt my baby girl one day," she explained.

"But..." Anthony echoed hesitantly.

"That's it," Autumn decided. "After I take this medicine, please take me and Shirley with you. I don't mind wherever you'd take us. I just want to stay away from Charles. I don't want to see his face again."

"What about your other family members? Are you gonna forget Arthur, Amy... all of them?" Anthony asked, lifting his eyebrows.

She was hesitant for quite a while, and then told Anthony,"This is the only way to help me forget him. You don't want to see me live in pain like this, do you?"

With a smile, she continued,"I never expected I would end up hating Charles like this. Right now, I only want to be a good mother, not a dutiful granddaughter nor a sensible wife."

'I can only play one role. And that is, as my daughter's mother, ' she resolved.

"How about your other child?" Anthony asked carefully, focusing his gaze on Autumn.

She remained silent. After a long pause, she uttered,"Charles will take good care of him."

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