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   Chapter 496 A Horrible Dream

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"What are you talking about? Are you serious?" When Anthony heard that Autumn's baby was taken away by Leila, he was in great shock. Worried, he immediately asked Autumn,"Why are you so calm? Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?"

It was Autumn's baby, her own flesh and blood. How could she be so composed?

Autumn didn't answer his question but smirked. "Anthony, I am tired. I just want to take a break."

Autumn stayed in the bed, turned her back and stopped listening to him. Anthony furrowed his eyebrows, stared at her for a while and finally left in frustration.

After Anthony left, Autumn cried incessantly.

How could she not be upset about her baby being taken away from Leila?

Charles had a horrible dream that night in which Autumn smiled brightly at him. He reached out to hold her, but she just ran away with a soft smile. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to catch her.

"Autumn, wait for me please," he pleaded. Autumn, however, just grinned and was reluctant to reach out to him. Though she was pregnant, Autumn was robust in Charles's dream which stunned him greatly.

He reached out to stop her but failed. "Autumn, you are pregnant. Stop jumping and running around. You have to take care of yourself."

Autumn wore a smiling face while she stood from a distance. Though she was quite close to him, Charles wasn't able to touch her.

Worried, Charles said in a soft tone,"Autumn, come here please. I promise to always keep you company and I will never leave you alone ever again. Please don't leave me. Give me one more chance. Let's fix this."

Autumn ignored his words and remained quiet. Slowly, she seemed drifting away which made Charles feel that he was going to lose her soon. He tried his best to reach out and embrace her, but Autumn soon disappeared from his sight.

It frightened him to wake up from this nightmare. The moment he opened his eyes, everything was a blur.

He found that he was on a drip, lying on a hospital bed. He tried to pull himself up. Charles pulled the needle off from his arm. He though

and eventually move on.

She didn't expect Charles would take it the wrong way, though.

"That's enough. Stop arguing," said Sam. He tried to pacify the situation. "Perhaps she is still alive," said Sam.

"Not perhaps. She is still alive. I know it." Charles replied, totally convinced that Autumn was still alive.

He was full of conviction but people could see such sorrow from his eyes.

Charles then looked up at Chris and said to her,"I will find her sooner or later. I have to find her no matter what."

Sam was stunned by his staunch words and all of a sudden, Sam was enlightened and realized why Autumn married Charles and not him. It was because Charles was better than him.

'Charles is of true metal, ' Sam thought to himself.

"Charles, I'm always here to support you, no matter what," said Chris. She smiled softly at her brother and decided to give him some encouragement. Now that he thought Autumn was alive, she was willing to help him find her. After all, Chris also hoped that Autumn and her babies would still be alive.

"But you have to promise me something," added Chris. "No matter what kind of decision you'd be making, you have to take good care of yourself. Grandpa is so worried about you that he could not sleep well these days. He even often sheds tears at home. How do you feel about that?" she asked as she took a glance at Charles.

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