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   Chapter 495 Leaving Charles

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Autumn lowered her head dejectedly. She didn't want to talk about what happened. Anthony sighed resignedly and changed the subject. "You've been unconscious for several days, so you must be hungry. I will bring you steamed chicken soup. I'll be back in a moment," he said and went to the kitchen.

Anthony was relieved that Autumn had regained consciousness. She had been through an ordeal and needed nourishing food to restore her health. Anthony prepared chicken soup every day hoping that Autumn would wake up. He wanted to serve her tonic food once she woke up to speed up her recovery.

He had examined Autumn thoroughly and he knew that she had regained consciousness but she was unwilling to wake up. Knowing that Autumn was pretending to be unconscious, Anthony was unwilling to disturb her.

He was still unclear what had happened to her, but he knew she must have suffered a lot.

Anthony came back with a bowl of steamed chicken soup and handed it to Autumn. "It may be a bit bland. I only added a little salt. Drink it up. Now that you have delivered your babies, you need to take good care of your health," he said gently.

"Thank you!" Autumn looked at Anthony gratefully. She owed him a lot for letting her stay in his place and taking care of her.

"No need to thank me. What are friends for?" Anthony returned with a smile. Autumn drank the soup slowly. Anthony watched her for a while, and then told her softly,"Rest more today. You have to regain your strength. I'm leaving now."

He knew that Autumn was not yet ready to talk to him about what she had gone through, so he decided to wait until she would approach him voluntarily.

"Wait," Autumn stopped him, biting her lip hesitantly. After all the unpleasant things that took place in a short time, Autumn needed a friend to confide in. In her eyes, Anthony was the best confidant.

"Are you busy today? I… I want to talk to you," Autumn asked, looking at Anthony pleadingly.

Nodding, Anthony walked back to her and settled himself at the edge of her bed. Finally, she was willing to talk. But Autumn was silent for a while as if marshaling her thoughts. Anthony frowned and said,"Charles has

rity. He doesn't strike me as an unfaithful husband. I think you should go back to him."

"If you insist on asking me to go back to him, I'll leave here with my child immediately," Autumn told Anthony, getting up from the bed.

Anthony panicked at Autumn's words and hurriedly put her back in the bed. "Stay, Autumn. You're too weak to go anywhere," he said with a concerned look.

Autumn got up again and started putting on her shoes and walking towards the door. Anthony grimace. Looking at her resolute face, he knew that she was not bluffing. Anthony raised his hand to his heart and promised,"I promise I won't force you to come back as long as you don't want to. I want you to stay here and take good care of yourself and your baby, okay?"

Autumn turned around and walked back towards the bed when she heard Anthony's words.

There was another thing he had been meaning to ask Autumn, so he asked hesitantly,"What about the other baby?"

Autumn's heart broke as she thought about her baby boy. The mention of her other child brought a constriction in her throat and she swallowed. After a while, she said,"He was taken by Leila.

Leila took him and said she would bring him to Charles," Autumn said bitterly. 'Charles has my son. This way, I owe him nothing, ' she convinced herself but her heart felt hollow at the loss of her son.

The moment Leila had taken the baby away, she knew that she couldn't stay with Charles anymore.

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