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   Chapter 493 Autumn's Disappearance

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Updated: 2019-01-30 00:19

"What's happening?" Anthony anxiously asked and took Autumn in his arms. He quickly realized that it was not time to figure out what was going on. The priority was to keep Autumn alive.

"Help my unborn baby, Anthony…" Autumn pleaded in a weak and shaky voice, as she gripped Anthony's clothes.

"Baby?" Anthony murmured to himself with a confused expression. As soon as he noticed the blood on the ground, he thought that Autumn had lost her babies.

Autumn struggled to nod at him. "Yes, there is still one left."

"Don't worry about your baby," Anthony instinctively answered. "The most important thing is to save your life."

"No..." Autumn uttered, as she reached out and grasped Anthony with her hand full of blood. Anthony froze in shock to see her bloody hands. He could not believe his eyes.

Autumn looked so pale. Her eyes were full of frustration and desperation as if she was losing hope. "If you have to choose between me and my baby, please keep the baby. I don't want to live anymore," she desperately pleaded.

"What are you talking about?" Anthony exclaimed. Actually he was mad at himself. Anthony blamed himself for what just happened. He stormed towards the entrance while enfolding Autumn in his arms. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you. You'll be okay."

"Listen to me… keep the baby safe," Autumn insisted. "Please… Anthony. If I'm dead, help me raise him, will you?" she pleaded.

"Don't say that!" Anthony answered. Anthony feared that he might lose Autumn any moment if she kept exhausting her energy. To reassure her, he said,"I promise both you and your baby will be safe."

As an experienced doctor, he always kept his first aid kit in his trunk.

Judging by Autumn's condition, he was aware that he should waste no time. He grabbed his kit and helped her to deliver the baby. He desperately wanted to fulfill his promise to Autumn.

After an intens

Charles' anger, she remained silent.

The Lu family helped them a lot over the years. The family treated Nancy and her son well, but they only brought trouble in return.

She poisoned Autumn's food once and now her son was involved in her disappearance. She wouldn't blame Charles even if he killed her.

With a wry smile, Nancy left the food tray on the table and returned to the kitchen quietly.

'I should have asked Brent to leave when I discovered him stealing things. None of this would have happened, ' she blamed herself.

Knowing Autumn had an accident, Chris hurried to return from abroad.

Aron, Andy and Sam already used all their connections to search for Autumn, but they failed to locate her.

Autumn vanished from the world without a trace.

After looking for Autumn for three long days, Charles was at the brink of losing hope.

Andy kept digging and finally found out that Ferry came back to Y City secretly about half a month ago, before Autumn disappeared.

"What did you just say?" Charles asked, exasperated. He hadn't gotten any sleep for three days. He grabbed Andy by his collar and berated,"You told me that you would keep an eye on Ferry, look what you've done! Almost twenty days has passed, and you just found out about this?"

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