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   Chapter 491 Autumn's Water Broke

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Updated: 2019-01-29 18:52

Autumn just hold on to that thought! "Wait!" Leila called out to Autumn anxiously. She knew that if Autumn went back and confronted Charles about it, all her lies would be unveiled.

"While you were in the hospital, Charles conducted your grandma's funeral. Why didn't he tell you? Don't you realize anything different?" she asked aggressively, trying desperately to drive a wedge between Autumn and Charles.

"He kept the truth from you because he's afraid something might happen to the babies. He'll break up with you any minute after you give birth. Don't you see it clearly?" The truth was that Autumn had already lost her calm the moment she heard about Emily's death. She was just holding herself together during the argument with Leila.

Unwilling to stay a moment longer and listen to her harp on, Autumn flurried out of the cafe. At the same time, Leila was scared out of her wits just thinking about what Autumn was going to do.

She had been mentally calculating about it and realized she could not fall short at the eleventh hour.

She called Ferry in a hurry. It was all Ferry's idea to keep her in hiding all these days, and of course it was also his job to fix the problem she now encountered.

The call was soon went through and she heard Ferry's voice from the other side,"How's it going?"

"Ferry, you told me the plan was full proof and it was going to work out this time," said Leila anxiously. "But the truth is that Autumn didn't have the slightest emotional reaction to what I just told her. Now she is going to confront Charles. If they really meet, won't all the work and effort I've invested all go down the drain?" she questioned Ferry sternly.

"What's the rush? Let things unfold the way they have to and then we will decide what to do." A snarl came over the phone from Ferry. "You've done what you're supposed to do. Now go and wait where I told you. I'll handle the rest."

"But..." Leila had more to say, but Ferry had already ended the call.

Once Autumn came out of the shop, she felt heavy tension and sharp pains building in her abdomen. Despite the pain, she looked around for Brent for a long time.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Lu?" Seeing her terribly pale face, Brent hurried to he


With that, Ferry ended the phone call, leaving Brent in a fix.

Brent then called Ferry again, but Ferry's phone had been turned off.

He took a glance at Autumn, who was moaning and breathing heavily. At that moment, they came to a crossroads, and turning left would take them to the hospital and right was to the place where Ferry had asked him to bring Autumn. With a selfish thought, Brent turned right.

"Brent, where are you taking me? This is not the way to the hospital." Realizing that they were going in the wrong direction, Autumn knew something terrible was going to happen. She pulled her phone out of her bag, and dialed Anthony's number after a minute's hesitation. "This is not the way to the hospital. Where are you taking me?" she asked Brent again as she was struck with fear.

Anthony picked up call, but before he could speak, he heard Autumn talking to someone else. It made him feel strange when he heard what Autumn was saying. He remained silent and listened carefully to what was said on the phone. He heard Autumn anxiously repeatedly ask someone,"Tell me, where are you taking me... "

Autumn sounded so weak that it got him all worried and concerned. He rushed out of the office, ignoring the patients waiting to see him.

Without hanging up, Anthony listened carefully to Autumn. Fortunately, Autumn was very clever that she gave him many tips between her words. After passing through many red lights, he finally found Autumn's car.

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