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   Chapter 490 I Don't Believe

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Updated: 2019-01-29 16:52

"You're having your baby, aren't you?" Leila asked, as she focused her sight on Autumn's belly. Since she heard about Autumn's pregnancy, she was keeping track of Autumn's due date. Not until Leila found out she was giving birth did she dare to actually show up in front of her.

"What do you want, Leila?" Autumn asked anxiously. Noticing that Leila fixed her gaze on her belly, Autumn got nervous and feared that she might hurt her unborn babies.

"Don't get so nervous. I won't do anything to you," Leila replied with a sly smile on her face. As Isla had chosen to meet at a coffee shop full of people, Leila couldn't even try to lay a hand on Autumn even if she wanted to do so.

"It's been a long while since I met you. I just wanted to check on you to see how you have been recently," Leila observed, as a sinister smile came across her face. "I went to the cemetery to pay my respects to my grandparents the other day. To my surprise," she paused to create an air of suspense and went on,"do you who I saw there?"

"Who?" Autumn asked with her furrowed brows, as her uneasiness increased. Overpowered by a gut feeling about some bad news, she stared at Leila and asked,"What trick are you playing now?"

"My grandparents' graves were next to Emily's. What a coincidence! Perhaps they will be neighbors even in the afterlife." Leila burst into laughter, a vicious smile settled on her face soon after. Autumn trembled with fear and goosebumps appeared all over her body. Casting a dismissive glance at Leila, she snapped back,"Stop speaking rubbish. Emily is currently receiving a treatment abroad."

She then forced herself to calm down and went on,"Do you think I will believe your words just like that? Stop dreaming! I'm going to give birth in a month. All you wanted is to stimulate me now. What's your motive this time?"

Autumn clenched her fists and declared firmly,"No matter what your trick is, it'll never work. I won't believe a single word from you ever. I am not naive."

"Oh is that so?" asked Leila as she continued to smile. She discovered that Autumn was much stronger and resolute than before. With a snarl, she went on,"I knew you wouldn't believe me, so I took some pictures." She took out her phone, put it on the table and gestured her to see them for herself. "Look, h

you're pregnant."

"What is that you want?" Autumn asked with a pale look, as she pressed her belly seeking some comfort. 'If Leila just intended to meddle with me, then she has done it successfully, ' she thought dejectedly.

"Well what do you think?" Leila countered. "When I followed Charles in Europe when he came to attend a meeting, we slept together and got engaged. He promised to divorce you after he returned but unfortunately you got pregnant. You ruined my happiness and stalled our marriage. I won't let you lead a happy life after you ruined my happiness," she stated, gnashing her teeth as she finished her narration.

Upon hearing Leila mentioning the trip to Europe, Autumn almost believed her story. She thought of that necklace Charles had bought her after his return from Europe. 'Am I the one who stole someone else's happiness? Did Charles really betray me?' she wondered, looking troubled.

"Sometimes I wish you would die. That way I can be with Charles without any hassle for the rest of our lives," Leila expressed her deepest desire, gritting her teeth. After resisting her anger, she warned,"I advise you to leave now. Otherwise you'll still be deserted soon after you give birth to your babies."

Autumn couldn't bear to hear anymore of her stories. With a resolute expression, she stood up immediately and snapped back,"You'll never fool me. I'm going to confront Charles about this and get to the bottom of it. I'll not believe a single word from your lips unless I hear these same words from him."

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