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   Chapter 489 Something Wrong With Your Baby

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Updated: 2019-01-29 14:32

Autumn thought, doctors and nurses were all busy and chaotic there, and it was far better for Emily to remain away from all of that. She was ill, so she needed the quiet and peace.

"Just come on in," Amy said. Arthur told all the family members to ensure the rooms look the same as before after Charles informed him that Autumn was on her way.

Amy asked Autumn to have a seat and asked,"Are you here for Emily? My dear child, you just left the hospital. You should take some while to rest and recover."

"Yes, grandmother I will, don't worry." Autumn said awkwardly,"I'm increasingly worried about her, so I'm here to ask if I can make a video call to her."

"No, that is not possible!" Arthur interrupted Amy without letting her answer, which shocked Autumn.

"Why?" She couldn't understand what was happening and looked at Arthur. "All I want is just to take a look at Grandma Emily. Why is it so hard?"

Arthur calmed down and said,"Autumn, dear, Emily has gone abroad to see a doctor, not to travel. She may be sleeping now. Given her condition, how can you wake her up? Well, look, if it is any consolation I promise that you will see her soon, but first you have to promise to get better and bring the children into the world, and then take out one month to recover. By that time your Grandma Emily will return, and you can see her, what do you think?"

"But..." Autumn was still concerned.

"Come on, no more BUTs. We are just looking out the both of you." Charles looked at her and said,"You know, the most important thing now is that Grandma Emily and you both recover your health right?"

Autumn paused for a moment, and nodded. She hoped that Emily could only remain healthy and recover completely, no matter how long it would take.

She then promised,"Okay, I'll take good care of myself. Grandpa, don't forget your promise that you'll look after Grandma Emily."

"That's okay." Arthur without stuttering lied to her,"Her doctor is my good friend. I'm sure that he'll do his best."

Autumn was relieved after hearing what Arthur added. She could probably get better soon, but Charles could not. He would need some time to recover.

Maybe it was bec

e ordered a glass of orange juice and sat there reading a book anticipating her arrival.

In a short while, someone came and sat opposite her. Autumn didn't look up, as she assumed it was Isla and said,"How could you make me wait so long? I'm a pregnant woman, and I hope you know that."

As she received no response, Autumn looked up to see who it was. When she saw who sat opposite, her smile froze at once.

"What are you doing up here?" She was stunned to see the person was not Isla, but Leila, who had been awol for quite a while.

"Well here I am. Long time no see." Leila's belly looked even bigger and she looked at Autumn, with wide warm smile.

Autumn looked at Leila with surprise and asked,"According to the time you announced your pregnancy, it seems that you should have given birth by now. But look at you now, is there something wrong with the baby?"

Leila paused for a moment and drew out a round cotton pillow from her bosom. She looked at Autumn and said,"Well you caught my bluff, so no need to pretend."

"What on earth do you mean by this?" Autumn stared at her blankly and asked.

She wondered what Leila's purpose of pretending to be pregnant.

Leila had disappeared for a long time, but now she suddenly showed herself up in front of Autumn. Autumn frowned deeply as she asked,"You've been following me, haven't you?"

She recalled how she probably saw Leila around a couple of times, which made her anxious.

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