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   Chapter 488 Emily's Funeral

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Charles pulled Anthony to the corner of the hall and said," I just want to discuss this matter with you." Charles spoke in a somber voice. "I have decided to do Emily's funeral myself. Autumn will not be able to attend the funeral. But it is my duty as her grandson-in-law to see to it that she is respectfully laid down. I also have an obligation to say goodbye to her on Autumn's behalf." Autumn was kept in the dark regarding her grandmother's demise. She was at a very advanced stage of her pregnancy, and given her delicate health and mental condition, this news could prove to be lethal for her at this stage. Charles spoke as he took Anthony into confidence. "But someone has to be there with Autumn to take care of her. Also if she doesn't see me for a long time, that will arouse her suspicion. So..."

Anthony stopped him before he could finish the sentence and said," Okay, I see. So you want me to take care of Autumn while you're away, right?"

"Yes," Charles replied with a smile. He continued politely," Who else can I trust in this situation? And I am sure that Autumn will also have a good company if you are around. Since I have to spend a lot of time at the funeral in the next few days."

Anthony looked at Charles, gave him an affirmative nod and said," Okay, do what you should do and I'll look after Autumn." Charles was relieved when Anthony readily consented to this request. Anthony had been a great support all through out Autumn's pregnancy and Charles could not thank him enough for what he did for Autumn.

For the next three days, Autumn saw very little of her husband. She was told and convinced that she needed to stay in the hospital for her babies' sake. She had no clue about what was going on in her grandparents' house in her absence. Anthony came to visit her in her ward often to spend time with her and showed great concern for her. Autumn's favorite pastime when she had no one to talk to during her pregnancy was to read parenting books. Also she was given a task to take a note of her babies' movements. So she just focused on that. That day as she flipped over that pages of the parenting book, Anthony came to her ward. It was just before the lunch time. All these days, when Charles could not be with her, Anthony made sure he was present during each of her meal. Though she was touched by his gesture, she could not help teasing him this time. "Hey, Anthony, you really have a very leisurely job! Don't you have any other patients? Why do you come to my ward every day?"

Anthony was startled at the sudden question coming from Autumn. He could not reveal the real reason behind Charles's absence and his frequent visit to her ward. "Obviously, I'm taking care of you as a doctor and also as your friend. Don't be so ungrateful, Autumn." Anthony pretended to be teased just to make her happy. "You'll be out of the hospital soon, and then, I won't take care of you even if you ask me to."

Autumn smiled apologetically and said," You know I don't mean that. I mean, I'm not your only patient, and you, as a doctor, can't be here all day taking care of me. I can't be so selfish." Autumn did not suspect anything till now. And that was a great relief for Anthony. He had been able to play his part well. He smiled gently and said," I am aware of my duties as a doctor. You just take care of yourself."

"Oh, Anthony, I have something to ask you." Her sudden remark sent a chill down Anthony's spine. Did she begin to suspect anything? Pretending to be absolutely normal, Anthony asked," Please go ahead." Autumn had a little concern as she spoke. She was given to understand that Charles was busy with his work and hence, he could not visit her as often. Even Autumn had been a understanding wife, but once in a while she was stung by some kind of a separation anxiety. Ever since she became pregnant, she had enjoyed undivided attention from Charles which she kind of got used to. Now, in the last coup

how to take care of yourself at all?" Autumn sighed helplessly. Then she sat him down and said," You sit and I'll get you a glass of hot water. Otherwise you will catch a cold."

She then handed over the towel to Charles and urged him to take a shower. When he came out of the shower, Autumn was lying on her single bed. Charles crept on to the bed silently and held her from the back.

"What's wrong, Charles?" Autumn could sense a sudden change in his behavior. His unusual silence made her anxious. Autumn tried to turn around and look at him but could not break free from his tight embrace. Charles had his face buried in her neck. "Don't worry, darling. I'm fine. I'm just tired," he whispered, sounding really tired.

Autumn could not bring herself to believe him. She could sense that something was being hidden from her. But she could not make Charles to open up. She felt helpless but she had no other option than to believe in what he said.

Early the next morning Anthony came to her ward and examined her. Later, he turned to Charles and said," Autumn is stable now. She can be discharged from the hospital."

Autumn was happy to learn about her discharge. Charles brought breakfast for her and went sign the discharge papers. When he came back with the discharge papers, Autumn was all prepared to leave. Charles had intended to take her directly to Dream Garden, but Autumn insisted on going to her grandparents' house first.

Charles had no choice but to secretly call Arthur and tell him to get the house ready so that there was no trace of Emily's demise.

When they arrived at the Zhao family, everything looked the same as before, as if nothing had really happened.

Arthur and Amy's eyes brightened up to see Autumn getting off from the car. They had to put up a happy face in front of her. "Oh, Autumn, you have just been discharged from the hospital. You should have gone home to take rest. Why have you come here?" Amy reproached Autumn. Then she turned towards Charles and scolded him," And you, Charles, why don't you stop her? How can you allow her to go back and forth as soon as she leaves the hospital?"

"Grandma, don't get mad. I insisted that Charles bring me here," Autumn said, grabbed her grandma's hand and tried to calm her down. As she spoke, her eyes roved around the house towards Emily's room. Actually, she came here in such a hurry because she was worried about Emily. When she was in the hospital, she wanted to have a video chat with Emily, but she did not want Emily to know that she was in the hospital, so she decided to contact her after her discharge from the hospital.

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