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   Chapter 486 Stay In Bed

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Anthony gave Autumn a thorough checkup. While waiting for the examination report, Autumn could not keep her mind off Emily's deteriorating health as well. She wanted to go visit Emily.

With Autumn's extreme emotions and fragile health, Anthony persuaded her to calm down. He advised her to check on Emily once she got better. In spite of Anthony's persuasion, Autumn stubbornly insisted to check on Emily right away.

"Just lie down!" Anthony shouted with a commanding air. It was the first time that he had snapped at Autumn. "If you continue to act like this, you would lose your babies!" He howled at Autumn with a grave look.

Hearing Anthony's howl, Autumn was petrified. Bursting out into tears, with a fragile expression, she sobbed,"I..."

"Come on! Don't cry," Anthony said in a comforting tone as he noticed Autumn's tear-filled eyes and heart-broken expression. "Don't worry, we got the best doctors here. They're going to help Emily make it through."

"Really?" Autumn answered with tears gushing out from her eyes. Her eyes gleaming with concern, she stared at Anthony and asked,"Is grandma really gonna be okay?"

Anthony meditated in silence. Actually, he had learnt about Emily's condition. Knowing it was just a matter of time before her body gave up, he was certain that Autumn was not ready to take this terrible news yet.

The only thing he could do was to tell some white lies to Autumn and help her get through this.

"Yes, she will. Your grandma will be okay," Anthony reassured Autumn.

His words set Autumn's mind at rest. She composed herself and laid there silently.

Anthony sighed in relief. "You should take care of your unborn babies, Autumn. If your grandma woke up and found out you lost your babies because of her, it would be hard to bear for her and she would blame herself,"

he reminded Autumn


"Anthony said she was fine. She can't sustain any emotional blows and needs rest," Charles replied with a gloomy look on his face. "I don't know how to mention Grandma Emily's death to her."

"Let's just keep it from her for now." Arthur suggested with a heavy heart. He sighed,"When Emily entered the surgery room, she got so worried that she almost lost her babies. If she knew Emily left, I don't know what would happen to her."

"We'd better keep it to ourselves for now," Arthur sighed.

Amy sobbed,"Emily devoted herself to us. She did her job faithfully in our house. She raised Autumn up. And now Autumn couldn't even attend her furneral."

"Well, stop crying. Autumn might hear you." Arthur intervened, as he looked through the window to check on Autumn.

Anthony was worried about Autumn's health. He had heard about Emily's death. Since Arthur and the dean were on good terms, the dean asked the best doctors to perform the surgery for Emily. Though they had done their best, they still failed to save her life.

When Anthony reached Autumn's ward, he immediately saw Charles, Arthur and Amy.

"Here you are." Arthur greeted Anthony blankly. He was still trying to cope with the loss of Emily.

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