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   Chapter 485 Emily's Condition Has Worsened

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Updated: 2019-01-28 00:11

Autumn retired early after having dinner. She hoped that a good night's rest would help her get rid of this discomfort. However, she woke up in the middle of the night with the same heavy feeling. Her throat felt dry so she decided to go downstairs for a glass of water. She frowned as she heard Charles's voice coming from the living room. He was on the phone talking to someone. "I'm uneasy telling Autumn about this, you know how she's been doing lately. She went to bed early, but I guess I have to tell her about it tomorrow," Charles said in a resigned tone.

He was quiet for a while, listening to whoever was on the other line. After a few seconds, he spoke again in a low tone,"Okay, I get it. I will tell her." He hung up the phone with a sigh, not realizing that Autumn was behind him. He was taken aback when he saw her and frowned slightly. "You startled me. What are you doing up?" Charles asked in a concerned tone.

"I woke up feeling thirsty so I came down to get a glass of water," Autumn replied, looking searchingly at her husband. "Who was that just now?" she asked referring to his phone call.

"Just office staff asking something about work," Charles replied not meeting Autumn's eyes. His hand unconsciously tightened on his phone. He already decided that he would wait until the morning before telling Autumn about the phone call.

"Really? But I think I heard you mentioned my name," Autumn insisted, her eyes fixed on her husband's to catch his changing expression.

"Charles, tell me what's going on. You don't have to worry about me. I'm strong, I can take whatever it is," Autumn pleaded, catching Charles's sleeves urgently.

Charles hesitated briefly; he knew it was hard to put off Autumn now that she heard part of the conversation. With a sigh, he led his wife to the sofa, pouring her a glass of water from the pitcher by the table. He made sure she finished her glass before speaking in a gentle tone,"You have to promise me that you will keep calm after hearing what I have to say. You're in the third trimester. If you get too excited, the consequences will be terrifying."

Autumn gently rubbed her tummy and said seriously,"Rest assured that I have my emotions under control. There's nothing more important to me than our babies. I will protect them at

Fear almost froze his brain.

"How… what should we do?" Autumn's alarmed voice brought him back to the crisis in hand. Arthur and Amy noticed the commotion and rushed to Autumn's side, overwhelmed by the situation. "Please wait here for Grandma Emily, grandpa, grandma. I'll bring Autumn to the Emergency Room." Charles said taking charge of the situation.

"Okay, hurry!" Arthur urged him nervously.

Charles picked up his horrified wife and rushed right to Anthony's office down the hall. Anthony was about to go home for the night since he was not feeling well?when suddenly the door burst open to admit Charles with pale Autumn in his arms. "Oh, God. What happened?" Anthony shouted leading Charles to the examination table.

"Her grandma's condition deteriorated. The shock must have been too much for her. She just started bleeding. Please see to her at once!" Charles ordered Anthony; he was beside himself with anxiety. Anthony's face turned grim as he assessed the situation.

Bleeding at the beginning of the third trimester is not a good sign. He hoped to God there was nothing wrong with the babies.

"Put her here. I'll examine her now, calm down and wait outside," Anthony ordered. Charles went out of the room reluctantly.

Sweating profusely, Autumn gripped Anthony's hand and told him desperately,"Anthony, please help me, don't let me lose my babies."

"Stop talking and calm yourself. Be still," Anthony ordered gently, frowning in concentration. "Or else, I'm not sure if I can help you save them."

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