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   Chapter 476 There Must Be Some Mistake

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Seeing the daughter walking up the wedding aisle is an extremely emotional moment for every father. It is indeed a cruel tradition to let your child go away and live with another family. It was not different for Edward. Chris and Sam took the cup and served tea to Edward respectfully.

Edward looked up at Chris' face. She looked sparkling, her innocent eyes, so full of love and optimism towards the new life she was walking towards. And Sam standing just behind her made both of them look complete. Why did his eyes swell with tears every time he looked at Chris? 'I've just acknowledged my daughter. Before I could spend some time getting to know her, I have to marry her off, ' he thought repentantly.

The more he thought, the more upset he got. His heart was so filled up to the brim that he just could not stop tears flowing out of his eyes. He turned around to secretly wipe his tears. Gary approached and gently put his palm on his brother's shoulder and said,"What are you doing? Chris is getting married today. It's such an auspicious moment. Stop crying!"

"Yeah, I know," Edward replied, as he wiped off his tears with his sleeve. "These are the tears of joy."

When her father got so emotional, Chris' heart mellowed down as well. At the same time, she felt blissful to see so much love for her in Edward's eyes. It was a bitter sweet feeling that made her emotional as well. She thought to herself, 'I understand why he is acting so emotionally today. Perhaps, he can't bear the fact that I am getting married so soon.'

After a while, she stepped forward and spoke gently,"Please don't be so sad, Dad. I am just getting married. I will come to you frequently. Please don't..."

But before she could finish, she burst into an uncontrollable sob.

Edward quickly controlled himself as he drew Chris closer to his chest and reassured her,"Don't cry, Sweetheart. I'm very happy to see you getting married." He held her close as she rested her head on his chest. In that one moment, the father and daughter tried to make up for the long separation that they had experienced. Then slowly, Edward wiped her tears away and smiled at her to make the atmosphere light. He took out two red envelopes. "Here, these are my wedding gifts for both of you," he said to the new couple.

Seeing two bulging envelops, Sam promptly came forward and took Chris by the hand. Then he swore to Edward solemnly,"Please don't worry about Chris. I promise that I will love her and care for her all through my life. You're always welcome to visit us and supervise me at any time."

Sam's earnest pledge made Edward burst into laughter. "I have faith in you, young man. I believe that you'll treat Chris well. Now, you guys hurry up to the hotel, or you'll be late."

Edward had faith in Chris's judgment. 'Now that she chose Sam, I'm sure he'll give her a happy life, ' he thought.

Soon Chris entered the car, followed by Sam. He gripped Chris's hand tightly and said,"You're my wife now, Chris. I have always waited for this moment for such a long time"

"And you're my husband now," Chris smiled at him bashfully. Sam looked at his soon-to-be bride. At that very m

her in this way. Several questions crowded her mind.

Madeline had been invited to Chris's wedding by Charles for they were business partners. Burke was going to take up his family business, so Madeline brought him along so that he could meet Charles and also get to know and interact with some of the rich and powerful people in the Y City.

As Burke was about to leave, Autumn stopped him. She could not conceal her curiosity any more. "What are you doing here? Has Leila also come with you to the wedding?" she asked.

Burke was completely taken aback with such questions from someone he was interacting for the first time. But since Autumn was Charles' wife, he had no choice but to reply to her with utmost politeness. Hence he put up a diplomatic smile on his face and replied,"Mrs. Lu, we had split up."

"Split up?" Autumn repeated, petrified. She could not believe him. She cast a reproachful glance at Burke, demanding a reply. "How could you break up with her?" she asked.

Burke was surprised to be questioned like this by a stranger on his personal matter. This time he could not avoid frowning at Autumn. Even though she was Charles' wife, still, she had no right to question him about his relationship with Leila. He could not understand why Autumn concerned so much about Leila.

Burke felt uncomfortable and did not know how to reply to the rude questions hurled at him by Autumn.

But before he could open his mouth, Autumn explained to him,"Well, please don't get me wrong. I met you once in the shopping mall and I knew that you were Leila's boyfriend. And today I ran into you here. That's why I asked you those questions." Now he was beginning to get some clarity of the situation.

Autumn smiled politely as she continued,"I'm not intending to interfere in the stuff between you and Leila. But when I saw her last time, she told me she was carrying your child and you were going to get married soon. That's why I asked you those questions."

"There must be some mistake," Burke said as he was completely taken aback. 'Leila is pregnant? How could it be possible?' he wondered.

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