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   Chapter 474 Chris's Wedding (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-01-25 02:40

"You're so lucky, Chris, to have found such a wonderful, generous and caring partner," one of the girls said with a hint of envy reflecting in her tone. "When we were in college, you dreamed of getting married to Sam someday. And today your dreams will finally come true. How are you feeling?" she poked fun at Chris cheekily, as she clenched her fist and took her hand near Chris's mouth.

"Screw you!" Chris retorted as her cheeks flushed pink at the thought of Sam. With a sweet smile, she pointed at Autumn and introduced her formally,"Well girls, I forgot to introduce you to my sister-in-law, Autumn Zhao."

"Hello, it is so nice to meet you," Autumn greeted with a polite smile. "Are you Chris's friends whom she met abroad?"

"Oh, yeah that will be us," the two girls replied in chorus. "So Autumn, we were Chris's dear classmates while she studied abroad," they responded with a sweet smile.

"Well these two dear girls are my best friends, Tina and Hannah. I met them in university. Once we graduated, we parted ways as they remained abroad and I moved back home. I invited them to attend my wedding, but they refused initially saying they didn't have time. But now look they suddenly came here," Chris explained, as her eyes turned red. She had planned to invite and ask them to be her bridesmaids. But when she called them, they both instantly rejected her request and said they didn't have time. Chris was so disappointed that she insisted on having no bridesmaid at her wedding as she could not have anyone else but her two best friends. It turned out that they gave her a big surprise.

Autumn smiled at the two girls and said,"You girls stay here and catch up. I should head downstairs and greet all the guests."

Autumn left the three alone deliberately, hoping that they would enjoy each others' company after such a long time. 'They must have much to talk as they haven't seen each other for a long time. If I stayed there any longer, they would feel awkward, ' she thought as she walked out.

The minute Autumn walked downstairs, Hannah said to Chris with a confused look,"I feel like I have heard about your sister-in-law's name somewhere. I just cannot recall from where."

"Did you?" Chris asked casually, not paying attention to this line of dialogue. "Well I don't see how that is possible as you have never met her before."

"I'm sure I heard her name somewhere." Hannah scowled, looking wistfully. After a long pause, she said bluntly,"That's it. I recalled Sam and you drinking together. Ti

uestioned their relationship like this and especially not today. Anyone who hears you take that tone is bound to get angry."

After a pause, she remarked calmly,"As for Charles' wife, I saw she was an amiable woman. She also is pregnant now. I am sure she must love Charles very much and she wouldn't do anything to hurt Chris. What you said is unfair to Autumn and so judgmental."

With an approving nod, Chris opened her mouth and spoke in a gentler tone,"Autumn is a kind woman. She had helped me a lot over the time I have known her. I don't want to berate you. I just hate to see anyone speak ill of her."

"As for you, Chris." Tina turned to Chris with a positive outlook. "You know Hannah's disposition. She is a simple and yet a outspoken girl. She said those words out of good will. She is just concerned about you. You know that, don't you? So please don't dwell on it or feel attacked."

"Yeah, I understand her intentions very well," Chris sighed. With a sincere laugh, she gripped their hands and giggled. "I'm really glad you could come here and join me as I begin a new journey."

The three of them immediately forgot the unpleasant argument as they burst into hearty laughter. Soon after, the sound of firecrackers resounded outside the window. Autumn knocked at the door and said to them,"Sam is here. I'll leave the bride and bridegroom to you girls."

"Don't worry, Autumn. We know exactly what to do and will take care of things from here on." Tina grinned.

Autumn didn't stay with Chris as she was pregnant. After filling them in on Sam's arrival, she left the room and walked over to Charles. With a nervous look, Charles gripped Autumn's hand tightly.

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