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   Chapter 472 Charles And Autumn Get Intimate

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He stepped forward, pretended to look serious and said,"Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Charles, you're back!" an ecstatic Autumn cried. She giggled at her husband's antics and said,"I'm talking to Chris. She'll soon get married, and I'm not ready to be separated from her."

Charles was busy at work all day while Gary was getting older. Chris was the only one similar in age to Autumn and was not very busy with work, so Chris could keep her company. They also shared many interests and always had several topics to discuss.

So it was Chris who usually kept her sister-in-law company since she became pregnant.

Their shared affection was evident, and when Chris announced she was getting married soon, Autumn became sick at heart. That meant she would move out to live with Sam, while Autumn would remain at the Lu family's house.

Without Chris as a companion, Autumn would be very lonely since there was no one else who could spend as much time with her.

"Why are you so late coming home today?" Chris addressed her brother rather sharply. "Don't you know Autumn needs your companionship during this time when her condition is so delicate?" she pointed out.

Her wedding to Sam was happening soon, but she was spending more time with Autumn than preparing for the event. It was time to remind Charles of his responsibilities. "You do know that once I move out of here, it will be your duty to take care of Autumn. And you're going to be held responsible if something happens to her because you've been remiss," she warned her brother.

Charles only glanced at his sister but said nothing.

"Chris, don't make fun of your brother," Autumn pleaded. She wrapped her arms around Chris and urged her,"It's late. You get some rest. And thank you."

Suddenly, Charles spoke up while glaring at Chris. "You are really a horrible sister of mine," he teased,"Autumn is my wife, so of course I will take care of her!" He flashed her a big smile of gratitude.

Chris heaved a big sigh of relief. "Well, at least that's clear. You really should be spending more time with her," she suggested. But Chris knew her brother would take good care of his wife when the time came. She turned to Autumn. "I'm off now and I am going on a break."

Charles and Autumn headed to their bedroom once Chris left. Charles started reading papers from work and waited for Autumn to come out of the bathroom. "You still have a lot of work to do?" she inquired.

"Oh yes. I'm very busy these days," he replied while grinning. Charles pulled his wife towards him and helped her sit on his lap. "You're pregnant, and soon our babies will be born. That's

fe rather than worry about his release. Looking at her, he nearly growled as he heard her moans of pleasure. Charles was content.

It seemed a long time before Charles finally held Autumn in his arms, a satisfied smile on his lips. "Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No, Charles. It was beautiful," she said stroking her husband's face. He rubbed her arm gently, while they held on to each other. Soon, Autumn fell asleep.

Charles still had things to work on but was afraid he would wake Autumn if he moved. He decided to hold her while she slept.

When Autumn woke up in the morning, Charles had already left for work. She stretched contentedly. Breakfast was ready and was on the bedstand. Autumn smiled secretly.

Finally, it was Chris' wedding day. Autumn got up early that day to wake the bride up. She had made arrangements for someone to come and do Chris's make-up.

It was March, but there was still an early morning chill. Charles had asked Autumn to wear a thick coat. He worried about her health. But she started to sweat with the air-conditioner running.

"You look weird, Autumn. Are you feeling all right?" Chris noted. She felt excited but gave her sister-in-law a worried glance. Chris finished her breakfast. She was now seated in front of a dressing table being made up. Looking at the mirror, she noticed Autumn's cheeks turning pink. She was about to stand up to check on her sister-in-law but was told,"Don't move, or your makeup will be ruined."

Autumn called out,"I'm fine, Chris. Please don't worry about me." She smiled to assure the bride. Then Autumn stood up and complained,"It's rather hot here. Let me go and change my clothes."

"Are you sure you're okay?" Chris asked her again. She was starting to worry about Autumn.

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