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   Chapter 464 Take Care Of Burke

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"That's just the way it is." Madeline was pleased to see Pamela so optimistic and then she cheerfully said,"I will be more pleased if you marry my son. I really hope with all my heart that you could be my daughter-in-law someday."

As Pamela heard Madeline express her deepest desires, her cheeks began flushing pink out of shyness. Staring at two of them who acted like a loving mother and a daughter, Leila felt hit by the truck, as she stood there motionlessly.

All through these years, she had made every attempt to marry a rich man to live the luxurious life that she longed but now to find this out about Burke was like a slap in the face. Happiness and her dreams were right in front of her but she could not recognize it.

However, Charles had no interest in her and it always seemed impossible for them to be together. There were days even she wanted to give up.

But now she had lost the chance to marry a man of rich second generation who loved her deeply and sincerely for many years. It seemed so absurd as well as ridiculous and now she regretted for what she did to Burke in the past. 'I should have accepted his proposal, ' Leila thought to herself with deep regret.

She had known Burke for ten years, but she never knew that Burke came from such a rich family and he also didn't mention his family background to her. He was such a humble man.

She wanted to rush at Burke, wake him up and tell him that she would love to marry him. But now it was just too late. How could she do such a shameless thing?

Madeline, Burke's mother, was also escorting him to car so executing her idea seemed more than ridiculous.

Even if now Burke was willing to marry Leila, his mother would object to their union after knowing what she did.

'No, I can't just give up. I have to figure out an idea to marry Burke. This way, I won't have to wait around for Charles or any other eligible bachelor.' Leila planned in her mind.

Leila looked at them as they got into the car and soon soared away, and felt repentant, but she could do nothing. The car gradually faded from her sight. Within the next few moments, her cab arrived, and as she sat in it she was caught in a web of thoughts forgetting her surroundings. She didn't even realize that the taxi had stopped.

"Here we are, miss." The driver kindly reminded her and then said,"This will be fifty dollars."

"Oh, thanks," replied Leila with low spirits as she was still lost in thought. She took out her wallet, paid the driver, and then got out from the car, rushing home in owing to the rain.

She couldn't help but imagine that had it been Burke who drove her home today, he could not bear to see her get wet in the rain. Now she began to miss the days spent with Burk

t married yet and I am afraid that people will gossip about them in bad light."

"Don't worry about this. I will handle it myself," replied Madeline calmly. After a small pause, she continued,"We don't have to worry about it since Pamela does not mind devoting her attention on him at all. Moreover, I am sure you also know that what has been done cannot be undone. I really hope Pamela will marry Burke someday. She is a kind and beautiful girl. I really want her to be my daughter-in-law. Well, I remember that you also like her. Am I right?"

"Yes, I do in fact appreciate this girl since she is sensible and beautiful. But what good will it do? The most important thing is that Burke needs to like her. Hasn't he fallen in love with some another girl?" He remembered that Burke several days ago had said that he would take that girl back today, but why did he drink so much and get drunk instead?

"Just don't mention that please." Madeline furrowed her eyebrow as she recalled what happened today. "Your son misjudged a woman and it is really a pity for him. That woman is a materialistic girl and I really don't understand why Burke loves her."

Saying this, Madeline let out a sigh but then said,"Let's go and have some rest. Don't worry. Burke is totally drunk and he can do nothing to Pamela." After finishing her sentence, she went upstairs with Lucas Zhou hand in hand.

When Burke slept on both ears, Pamela drew back her hands, washed his face and crouched up on the couch for the whole night.

Burke felt a throbbing headache when he woke up the next day morning since he drank a lot. He was hungover. However, he was stunned when he found a woman sleeping on the couch. "Who are you?" he asked with great confusion. "Hey, why are you here? Who let you in?" Burke blurted out his confusion in one breath.

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