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   Chapter 459 Burke's Proposal (Part One)

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Leila regarded Burke with veiled eyes. She liked him but he didn't quite reach her standards. For her, a rich CEO like Charles was the perfect husband material.

"What's wrong?" Burke asked, noticing Leila regarding him with cold eyes. She had been distant since she agreed to date him. Despite this, Burke didn't mind. He was just happy to have his beloved girl to be his girlfriend.

"Are you sure you can afford this place?" Leila asked him with a frown. She knew how expensive the food was in this hotel. "A meal here will cost more than two months of your salary. Besides, it's too hard to get reservation from the restaurant here. We can't enter here without reservation."

Leila's tone was mocking as she looked up at Burke with contempt and derision written plainly on her face.

"Are you worried about my pocket?" Burke grinned, ignoring her mocking tone? "Don't worry your head about these things. I have taken care of all of this."

Burke took Leila's hand excitedly and said,"Let's go."

Leila had no choice but to follow Burke into the hotel lobby. They took the elevator up to the tenth floor. The restaurant there was famous for its delicious food and panoramic view of Y City.

This was not Leila's first time to eat in this restaurant. She had been here before with Charles while she was working at the Shining Company. But today she felt that something was different.

"What's going on?" Leila asked in a puzzled tone, grabbing Burke's arm. "How come there's only the two of us here?"

Looking around at the lavishly furnished restaurant, Leila was baffled that the usually busy restaurant was now curiously empty. The restaurant was sought after because of the romantic ambiance it afforded its customers. Tables were set apart far from each other to achieve cozy privacy.

Tonight, all the tables were unexpectedly empty except for a table near the window with a great view of Y City at night. The table was elegantly set, lighted candles cast dancing shadows across the room adding to the romantic air.

"Because I booked the whole restaurant," Burke replied smoothly, smiling widely. "What do you think? Do you like

armly. "Leila, we have known each other since high school. I loved you at first sight and I never stopped loving you. You know that, but why are you so surprised?"

Leila lowered her head guiltily. She knew exactly how Burke felt about her, but she was not sure about her feelings for him.

'I had a feeling that he's going to propose tonight, but I came here to end our relationship. How could I tell him that I want to break up with him now?' Leila thought, biting her lip.

At that moment, a waiter came to their table with their food. Leila gave a sigh of relief at the intermission.

The waiter arranged the succulent dishes in the table and left. Burke looked at Leila with a smile. He opened his mouth to continue where he left off.

Before he could say a word, Leila said,"The food looks delicious!"

She smiled up at him before continuing,"Thank you for bringing me here."

"I'm glad you like the place," Burke smiled back at her enthusiasm. He was relieved that she liked the food he ordered. Looking pleased, Burke continued,"I can bring you here anytime you want."

He knew that Leila had a taste for luxurious places like this restaurant. 'I don't mind if she is a little spoilt. After all, she is the woman I love, ' Burke thought to himself.

"You don't have to, Burke," Leila replied hastily. "The food here is good but really expensive. I don't want you to go broke because of me," Leila teased him.

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