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   Chapter 458 Girlfriend Waiting

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Craig forced a smile, before lightly admonishing Lisa,"You silly girl! Is he worth all that you are doing for him?" He took pity on the girl and decided to tell the truth. "Anthony told me everything that happened between the two of you, including you being lovers before," he admitted.

Lisa was quite shocked by the admission. She wasn't expecting Anthony to tell his grandfather about personal things. She smiled awkwardly and confirmed things. "Yes, it's true that we were lovers before." She was quick to add,"But it wasn't for long."

Their relationship had been very brief and did not allow her to get to know Anthony well enough.

Craig gave a bitter smile. He said,"Child, let me give you a piece of advice." He looked at Lisa with kind eyes. "Anthony is my grandson, and I know him very well. No one can force him to do anything that he does not want." Craig took a deep breath. Lisa was listening to his every word. "Even I can't change his mind once he has made a decision," he admitted.

"But how can that be?" she asked with a frown. "You are his grandfather. Surely, he must consider your opinion," Lisainsisted. The old man shrugged his shoulders. He looked at Lisa helplessly.

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't be of help to you," Craig said sadly. "Anthony made it very clear to me that he didn't want to be with you. He said a relationship with you was impossible. I've decided to stay out of it. So, I've packed my things, and will be leaving today."

He looked at Lisa with sorrowful eyes. What could he say to spare her heartache? "You're young and beautiful, Lisa. You can have your pick of men much better than my grandson, yet you don't give up on Anthony. Why?" he asked gently. Craig did his best to make Lisa see the futility of it all.

"He's not into you. But there will be someone, sooner or later," he pointed out. Lisa refused defeat. "Grandpa Craig, Anthony and I were happy together when we were living abroad," she insisted. "But since he came back, everything has changed," she said with meaning.

"What are you trying to say?" Lisa's statement made Craig curious.

Lisa was debating whether or not to tell Anthony's grandfather about Autumn. It wasn't only because she was jealous, but because it was inappropriatesince Autumn was

she wanted to break up with him but did not expect to run into Anthony. Leila had been waiting for a long time when she finally received Burke's call.

Burke kept apologizing and explained that he was in surgery. "I had to finish the operation and phones were not allowed there. I'm so sorry. Where are you now?" He hoped Leila had calmed down. "I'll come and find you," he said.

Leila replied,"I'm in a café near the hospital." Burke hung up quickly and ran to the café. He smiled at Leila and apologized again. "I'm sorry for making you wait.

Will you forgive me, please?" he pleaded. Leila still looked annoyed and ordered him,"Sit. I have something to tell you."

But Burke interrupted her. "Wait, I want to bring you some place else." He sounded excited. The doctor had been waiting for that moment for a long time and could hardly keep his excitement.

"What? Where?" Leila asked irritated. He helped her get up and took her hand, pulling Leila.

"We're eating, remember?" he said secretly. Burke was pleased with himself. And he hoped Leila would like the place he chose.

Dinner was at the most luxurious hotel in Y City. She caught up with Burke and demanded,"Why are you bringing me here?"

"To have dinner, of course," he replied. Burke grinned at Leila again.

"Come on!" he pulled at her. Leila thought Burke couldn't afford expensive restaurants. In her mind, hospital doctors did not make a lot of money. So it was a complete surprise to find herself in such a luxurious place with Burke.

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