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   Chapter 454 Lisa Became Indifferent

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Updated: 2019-01-21 00:10

"No! Don't do this to me, Mom! Please, I beg of you!" Brent said as he grabbed his mother's hands. He was trying with all his might to make Nancy change her mind. "I admit my mistake. And I said I'm sorry. I will never do it again. Mom, I swear!"

"Huh, it's too late now, Brent," Nancy said, her voice echoing disappointment. Her lips curved in a smile that brought out her heart's sore more than anything else as she shook off her son's hands. "I can't allow you to stay in this house any more or I will have to face ridicule and shame because of your behavior sooner or later. Brent, listen to me. You go home. I'll give you all the money I earn from my job. But if you continue to be like this, I am afraid, you will soon be arrested and sent behind the bars one day. Being a mother, I can't see this happening to you in front of my eyes. Whatever I am doing, is for your good."

"No, there won't be any such situation ever again. Mom, trust me." Brent pleaded," Give me one last chance, Mom. I will never let you down. I promise!"

"You... don't make it so difficult for me, Brent. You're my son and I know you better than anybody else." Nancy shook her head gently, and continued," I've asked you so many times earlier, but you kept denying. If I didn't find these things here, you would have kept on lying to me. Isn't it?"

Brent stole his eyes from Nancy's gaze that was fixed on him. He would have never confessed his crimes to his mother on his own, nor did he have the courage to answer back to her. However, his only concern was to somehow stop his mother from sending him home. And he was ready to do anything make her change her mind.

"I... I was under an evil spell. This stuff look inconspicuous, so I thought that they were worthless and that it didn't matter if I took and played with them. Just think about it, Mom, if I really wanted to steal them, I'd have sold them by now. Why would I keep them in my room for you to find them out?" retorted Brent, trying to mislead his mother. The reality was that he had been trying to sell the stuff ever since he picked them. But because of his work, he could neither make time to sneak out on

ur family was his savior and that he couldn't imagine what he would have been doing now without your help."

Gary laughed and said," Well, that's good then. Make sure to let me know if he doesn't like the job. I'll arrange another job for him that suits him better."

"I'll remember that. Thank you so very much," Nancy replied with a smile.

However, she dared not look at Gary's eyes. The family had been so thoughtful for Brent, but he was ungrateful and had done such a humiliating thing.

Fortunately, Brent had returned everything back to where it belonged. It felt like a lot of weight taken off from Nancy's shoulders.

It was the day of Autumn's pregnancy test. Ever since Brent became her chauffeur, he would talk to Autumn every time he drove. However, on the way to the hospital today, he remained quiet and seemed not in a good mood. Even Autumn didn't break the silence in the car.

When the car was well parked at the gate of the hospital, Autumn got out and walked into the hospital all by herself. Upon reaching close to Anthony's office, she happened to see Lisa on the same floor. However, to her bewilderment, Lisa was not as warm to her as she used to be. Lisa cast Autumn a brief glance and quickly looked away.

Autumn could only awkwardly lower the hand she had just raised to greet Lisa.

She had no idea what had happened to Lisa. She could only see that Lisa had suddenly become indifferent to her.

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