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   Chapter 449 It's Not A Date

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Updated: 2019-01-20 00:10

"I was asking you to have dinner with me tonight," Anthony repeated. He previously checked Lisa's hospital schedule and learned she was on day duty. So both of them would be free that evening.

"Are you free tonight?" he added. Lisa nodded immediately, and there was a mix of delight and surprise on her face. "Yes, yes, I'm free. And of course, I'll have dinner with you," she said trying to hide her excitement.

"It's settled then. I will pick you up at your house later," he said, face devoid of emotion. He thought, 'We live in the same neighborhood anyway so I can drive by her house.'

"Thank you. That will be good," Lisa instantly agreed. "I have to get back to work now," she said, adding," You then get some rest, okay?"

As Lisa walked away, Anthony went back to his office, a frown on his handsome face.

That evening, he drove to Lisa's house and parked outside. He dialled her number to say he had arrived and waited for her to come out of her building. She was made up beautifully, and caught the attention of many passers-by. But Lisa ignored them all, her eyes focused on Anthony alone.

She opened the passenger door and asked Anthony coyly," Have you been waiting long?"

He replied briefly," Nope." Anthony stared at Lisa, and noted she appeared to be underdressed. "Get in quickly. It's too cold outside!"

Lisa misread his concern. She quickly got in the car, and then inquired," So, where are we going to eat?"

She had expected Anthony to take her to a western restaurant. She quietly hid her disappointment when he drove to a hot pot restaurant instead. They ordered a two-flavor hot pot. At the end of their meal, Lisa's make-up, initially perfect, was now a mess.

Noticing that Lisa was contend with her food, Anthony spoke up. "I invited you to dinner because I wanted to apologize."

"Excuse me? Apologize, for what?" Lisa stopped eating to stare at Anthony. She was bewildered why he was apologizing.

"I wanted to say sorry for misunderstanding you that day when Autumn was admitted at the hospital," he began. He paused, thinking of how to go on.

Lisa dismissed his apology. "It's not a big deal," Lisa said bluntly. "No need to say sorry." She wanted to do something romantic. "Anthony, I heard there is a nearby park

Stop it! Shut up!" Anthony shouted at Lisa, his outburst attracting attention. He thought to himself, 'Here I was thinking no one could see what I felt for Autumn to avoid getting her into trouble. But Lisa has seen through my feelings and the thoughts I was harboring about her. I now have no choice but to face those feelings for Autumn.'

He heard Lisa's voice. "No, I won't stop! I can tell from your eyes that you have feelings for her. Do you think you're doing her any good by keeping your feelings a secret from her?" Lisa was on a roll. "Let me tell you this: you can't keep her in the dark forever. The truth will still come out. Someday, all of your secrets will be revealed. What are you going to do when that time comes?"

She suddenly felt calm. Shifting to a softer tone, she looked at Anthony and said," Your love is a burden to her. Why can't you take your eyes off her and pay a little attention to me instead?" Desperately, she added," I will yearn for nothing more if you can show me even just a little love."

Anthony panicked at Lisa's declaration. "Enough! Stop talking already!" he growled, fixing a steely gaze on her. "No one will ever see or know how I feel about Autumn. And if you tell her, I will never forgive you," he threatened.

"Why would I?" Lisa responded with a bitter smile. "My wish is that she never discovers what you feel for her. This way, I will have you all to myself."

Anthony gave up. He stood up to pay the bill. "It's late. I'll take you home," he told Lisa.

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