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   Chapter 443 The Last Chance

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"How about me? Have you completely forgotten what happened between us? Don't you think we need to have a chat?" Rachel pushed Chris aside with all her strength and was just about to run, when Edward blocked her only way out. She then realized it was impossible to leave as she saw Edward.

"Bitch!" Edward kept looking for her every where in the past few days to divorce her, but she was in hiding to prevent such a scene. Therefore, they couldn't really get divorced until this very moment.

Edward couldn't contain his anger a moment longer after seeing Rachel. He slapped her hard across her cheek.

Rachel felt hurt but knew there was no point to argue with him, she didn't have the courage to do so either. She covered her face with shame and guilt as Edward restlessly stood across her.

"Why did you come out of your hiding hole? I should have thought you are omnipotent! So why do you show up now huh?" Edward yelled out at Rachel seeking answers.

Rachel was speechless as she trembled from fear.

Chris frowned and said to Edward," Dad, please calm down. Don't forget that we have come here for a more important thing."

After signing the divorce papers, they both could go back to being strangers. As for Edward, he could not wait to finish all of this as soon as possible as he had waited for what seemed like a decade.

Edward finally recalled his sole motive to come here as he sneered at Rachel and said," Hurry up, come to the Civil Affairs Bureau with me to finalize our divorce! I have prepared everything for our divorce. Let's finish it today and we'll have nothing to do with each other anymore."

"No!" Rachel refused instinctively and said to Edward," I told you earlier and I'll say it again, that if you want a divorce, you must accept my demands. If not, I will not sign on the agreement."

"You are so..." Edward was infuriated by Rachel and her nature, but he calmed himself and asked Rachel immedi


She continued," I sincerely hope that you don't starve to death, or else we won't be able to help our laughter even in dreams." Chris' words were harsh to ears and Rachel's face dimmed as she heard that. She then discretely looked at Edward.

This man once deeply loved and treasured her but she destroyed her happiness and future all by herself.

She once had a chance to live a rich and comfortable life. But now she had screwed it all. She regretted what she had done and if she could have a chance to go back in time and change everything, she would.

After living with Edward for some time, she understood that the thing Edward couldn't tolerate the most was being betrayed. After all Edward did show her mercy by not killing her after knowing what she had done to him. Now she knew it was impossible to ask him for money.

He said that he wouldn't give her money and he meant it. Rachel too knew it clearly.

This fifty thousand might as well be her last chance.

She kept hesitating because the suggestion of going abroad seemed so attractive and alluring, but fifty thousand was far from enough to sustain her lifestyle.

Rachel cast a glance at Chris and said," I want one million. Moreover, book the air ticket to go abroad and then I'll divorce him immediately."

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