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   Chapter 441 Anthony's Ex-girlfriend

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In the hospital

After Anthony finished diagnosing the last patient, he turned around to look at supper Autumn delivered, and almost immediately a warm and content smile flashed across his face.

Anthony had been busy studying medicine and he was slow-witted man when it came to his heart and expressing his feelings. Though he had been with Lisa for quite some time when he was in America, it was Lisa who took the initiative to woo him. However, once they got along with each other and had been together for some time, Anthony realized there were severe cultural discrepancies between them which were hard to overcome. Moreover, they had totally different personalities.

Autumn was the first girl who he fell in love with almost at the first sight, but it was beyond late for him to make her acquaintance in that regard as she was married.

Looking at the dinner basket, Anthony heaved a sigh.

Anyway, people strongly believed that the best way to love someone was to let them loose and protect their happiness. Now this was the only thing Anthony could do for her wholeheartedly.

"Hello! May I come in?" Just when he was lost and immersed in his thoughts, someone knocked the door, drawing him back to reality suddenly. Anthony took a look at the intake form and felt confused since there was no one scheduled for this hour. He did finish diagnosing all patients. So who was knocking the door at this time?

He opened the door hesitatingly and a blonde haired girl stood across from him with a bright smile across her face. "Anthony surprise!" the girl stared at Anthony as she cheerfully exclaimed.

She then held his neck tightly, and began kissing him softly and was reluctant to loosen her grip. "Anthony, I missed you so much..."

"Lisa, what are you doing here?" Anthony asked her in shook as his eyes widened. Anthony shook off her hands, took two steps back and maintained a certain distance with her. "I told you many times. It is over between us. We have already broken up with each other. Which part of that don't you understand?" he tried to be polite but there was a hint of impatience to dismiss her reflecting in his note.

"Anthony..." Lisa looked at him with a pitiful look and said," Why are you so resolute about things in the past? I missed you so very much over the past days. I missed you every single second and I can't live without you. It was just crazy chatter when I said I wanted to break up with you. I did not mean that. Please forgive me and let us pick up where we left things. We are meant to be together and you will see that. Anthony, please just give me one more chance."

Lisa grabbed his hands and refused to let him go while Anthony had no other options but to shake off her hands over and over again. It got tiring but he was trying to send the message across loud and clear. "Lisa, we are adu

that you haven't forgotten me let alone my tastes and choices. Why can't we just reconcile?"

She held his hands again and said," Anthony, please give me a chance to make it up for after that you can make your final decision. I will prove that I am a woman worthy of your love and loyalty."

Anthony just realized that talking to her at this point was rather useless as she was adamant. She was trapped in her own thoughts and denial deeply.

"Yes, I do remember your favorite coffee, but it is just a habit which I developed at the time when we were in relationship. And it has nothing to do with love." After saying this, he let out a sigh and went on," Now I only regard you as one of my friends. I can take you to visit some places in Y City if you are interested but beyond that I am simply unavailable especially not to entertain such requests of yours. I can't do anything else for you."

"Is there really no way I can make up for?" Lisa stared at him almost numbly. She missed him so much these past few days and she finally got a chance to come back to Y City, so she came to him eagerly with so much hope.

Nothing could stop her to unite with him.

She was determined to tell him that she still loved him so much and couldn't live without him. She hoped Anthony would be with her again even if she had to pay a heavy price for her mistakes. She was willing to go the extra mile, because for her, he was worth everything.

Lisa had even thought that if Anthony declined her suggestion to settle back in America with her, then she would compromise and live with him in China because all that mattered was that they would be together.

She was confident that Anthony would be moved by her sincerity, but now her hopes and dreams were broken into what felt like a million pieces. Anthony did not accept her apology while refusing to give her another chance to mend the situation.

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