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   Chapter 440 Talk About The Twins

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Roger carefully issued the invitation, sounding very composed. "If you want the money, meet me at the Moon Café, 2:00 p.m. tomorrow."

As excited as she was, Rachel became suspicious. "Wait a minute!" 'Why the need to meet?' she thought. "Can you not just transfer the money to my bank account?" Rachel asked Roger. "I don't think we need to meet somewhere for that purpose."

Roger smiled. "Ah, but it's necessary," he said coldly. Before making the call, he thought of how to counter any objection Rachel might raise about the meeting.

"You have to understand that I need to make certain any relations with you are totally cut off after that. You see, the relationship is not good for my image," Roger said quite arrogantly. "I, a sought-after star and you, a has-been actress subject to public condemnation," he added. He waited for a beat and continued," Besides, I need you to sign an agreement that signifies our parting after you receive the money. Privacy is essential, right?"

Acting perfectly, Roger told Rachel," I will only hand you the money on condition that you sign the agreement."

Rachel was annoyed with the proposal, but had little choice. "But I fear being spotted and media dogging me to make my situation even worse," she nearly wailed. "Your fears are baseless, believe me," Roger replied.

He did think of that but Autumn said to do anything to make Rachel agree. "My position is not much better than yours," he said," I also run the risk of being seen with you!"

Finally, he threatened Rachel," Better give your answer quickly, or you can forget all about this call."

Rachel had many doubts but did not want to give up an opportunity, so she gave in. "All right, I will do as you request."

"Good then!" Roger exhaled in relief. "I shall see you tomorrow." He hung up without saying goodbye. The plan was in place. It was up to Autumn to carry it through.

Back at the Cloud Advertising Company, Isla was worried about Autumn's scheme.

She looked at her with concern and said," Autumn, don't you think you're acting in haste? Remember, you're an expectant mother."

But Autumn dismissed her concern, however well-meaning. "Pleas

. "I'm on my way to try out my wedding dress. Sam is picking me up." Autumn was glad that Chris was looking forward to something pleasant.

"Oh, you're going to enjoy that," she told Chris. Turning serious, she reminded Chris," Remember what I told you… the time and place and be sure not to miss it."

"I won't!" Chris said aloud and turned to leave. She was already thinking of Sam and their date.

Sam was delighted to see his fiancee in high spirits when she got into the car. "You look very happy," he commented.

"It's a secret," she whispered laughing. Chris wanted the good mood to continue. "Did I tell you Autumn is expecting twins?" she told Sam.

"Twins? Really?" he answered in surprise. Sam welcomed such good news while driving. It was better than hearing about problems. "If that's the case, Charles will be most delighted."

"I'm certain he will be crazily happy!" Chris responded. Chris was truly happy for Autumn and the coming babies. "Autumn is getting the best love and care, so her pregnancy should be fine. I wish they would have a pigeon pair."

"What is this I hear?" Sam said teasing. "Jealous of that prospect, are you now? He loved having this kind of conversation with Chris.

Chris turned shy, but countered. "I know I will be given due respect by Autumn's children."

Sam turned wistful. "Will you produce a pigeon pair for me?" he said softly.

Christ looked at him seriously," Now, you're dreaming!"

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