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   Chapter 434 Nancy's Son

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"Okay, I am relieved to hear that. I hope he has a speedy recovery." Autumn finally got some relief. She didn't ask anything further about it because she strongly believed that Charles and Andy would deal him for her.

Meanwhile, Ferry asked his man to go head and schedule an appointment with Leila. She came to the cafe they chose soon after Burke left for work. This cafe was not easily known to others so they didn't have to worry about being seen by someone they knew.

Ferry went to great lengths to ensure he had gotten rid of the detectives arranged by Andy and headed straight to the cafe as Leila had already been waiting for him for over an hour.

Leila didn't blame Ferry for tardiness and instinctively stood up as he entered the room.

"Sorry, I'm late for our appointment." Ferry had spend a lot of time and energy to get rid of Andy's men. Now Leila was the only one he could turn to for help to deal with Autumn, bearing that important role in mind he spoke to Leila with extreme politeness.

"What would you like to drink?" Ferry asked Leila.

"Nothing really, thank you." Leila asked, "Why did you call for this urgent and sudden meeting here? Is everything alright?"

Leila was a little scared of Ferry so she always talked respectfully and also carefully.

Ferry smiled and replied to Leila, "Don't be nervous. I will not eat you up."

Leila was rendered speechless and then Ferry added, "I came here to inform you that owing to some unforeseen incidents I have move to another place for a while and I'm afraid I won't be able to return soon, with that said to achieve your plan now you can only depend on yourself. I cannot extend my support at this time."

"What are you saying?" Leila was shocked by what Ferry said. She then replied with broaden eyes, "Hmm... what do you mean by that?

You promised me you would help me unite with Charles under any cost and I always trusted you, but now you tell me that I must do all of this all by myself. Are you kidding?" Leila was irritated and angry. She lost her temper on Ferry and could not conceal it.

"Don't get so worked up and emotional. Before reacting any further just hear me out" Ferry pulled her down to take her seat and said, "Now both Charles and Autumn already know and think that you have a boyfriend, so it is better if you don't approach them for a while. Just let them believe that you love your boyfri

love you. I often came back and tried to see you, but your father never allowed me to see you openly. Even though I always bought some presents for you, I did not dare to give them to you because I was afraid that you wouldn't accept them simply because they were from me."

Nancy gave a faint smile, "Now your behaviors and nature seem the same as your father. With that I decided that I won't bother you in your life if you don't want to regard me as your mother. You can do anything you wish after you recover and I will not stop you."

Nancy understood that she had caused so much trouble to Lu family, so she decided to make up for Autumn and ensure that Autumn gave birth to her babies safely.

"Mom, are you still angry with me?" Brent grabbed Nancy's hands nervously and said, "I have realized all my grave mistakes. Mom, I was too scared to have said all that nonsense without giving it any second thought. I swear I didn't do that on purpose and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my naive behavior."

"Brent." Nancy sighed and sat in front of Brent. After pausing for a brief moment, she said, "I forgive you."

At such a crucial and intimidating situation, this was his instinct reaction, reflecting his true inner thoughts. So how could she blame him for the thoughts his father ingrained in his head?

She also blamed herself for not staying with him all these years when she could have taught him how to be a good person.

"Thank you, mom. I am so happy to hear you say that." Brent breathed with relief and contentment as he reflected on what Nancy said.

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