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   Chapter 433 An Ace

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Leila remained more than willing and keen to evolve his scheme against Autumn. Besides, Yvonne would be an ace, at the right time, to win the game.

"We will arrange it all for you." Ferry's underlings withdrew, and then Ferry was relieved to reflect for a moment.

Upon learning about Nancy's betrayal and Autumn's fake miscarriage, Ferry felt almost crippled and powerless to reverse the situation, at that moment. He knew he had to come up with something soon.

"Andy, how could you spare him like this? I don't understand." Charles expressed his displeasure and anger to Andy after leaving the nightclub. "He should be cruelly punished for harming Autumn and making her suffer as much as she did!"

"It is enough!" Andy looked at Charles helplessly. After getting into the car with Charles he retrospected about the entire incident. "Your dissatisfaction and anger are perfectly understandable, but I, after considering my family bliss, could not get myself to do anything desperate as I did before. All I can do is to remove Ferry from Y City to prevent him from harming Autumn again. That should help the situation."

Andy just would not do anything extreme at the risk of bothering his family. He hoped Charles could show maturity and understand the other side of the story. Things were not always black and white.

"Okay, I understand your reasons and thank you for trying your best." Charles nodded subtly to indicate his understanding, as Autumn was now safe from any attack. This was all he hoped for.

Meanwhile, in the ward, Autumn had been lying on the bed for quite a long time. Anthony was growing more anxious and impatient with every passing minute to learn the truth. "I think it is time that you are supposed to tell me what was going on."

"Nothing special. Believe me. I was just fooling someone here." Autumn spoke to Anthony in a playful yet humorous tone, "I have started to doubt your professional skills, as even a single patient did not visit you during my long stay here. A rather curious observation..."

Anthony felt agitated upon hearing that.

Anthony was feeling like an idiot who was overenthusiastic to cur

wife back home now. It has been quite a while."

"I am sorry to have bother you again!" Charles apologized with a smile as he went on, "I will treat you later for this favor."

"Please just head home now, and be careful on the way." Anthony replied gently in a soft tone.

After Autumn and Charles's departure, Anthony gazed at the leftover food with growing uneasiness. It was almost like he missed her presence.

"Charles, how is it going? Has Brent recovered?" Autumn asked anxiously in the car, to ascertain if Brent had survived the misfortune.

Charles looked at Autumn helplessly. "Autumn, you are too kind-hearted to ignore your own affairs like this."

'Autumn should have valued and prioritized her own problems over Nancy's burden, ' Charles thought to himself.

"I am fine now, trust me." Autumn smiled and explained her intentions to Charles, "Brent, although unworthy of my efforts, is Nancy's only son. If something untoward happens to Brent, Nancy will be unbearably hurt. After all as a mother all she ever sought was his welfare despite their mangled relations. With that said, we should try our best to save Brent."

"You need not worry about Brent any further, as he escaped from this dire misfortune." Charles replied with great composure, "Nancy informed over a call that Brent escaped from the kidnapping even though he was badly wounded. Brent, I suppose, will soon be better after recuperation."

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