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   Chapter 429 What Do You See

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While Autumn was waiting outside Anthony's office, she spotted Leila's boyfriend in the hospital. What really staggered her was that he was a doctor. And what a coincidence! He worked in the same hospital with Anthony. Although he was wearing a white coat, she recognized him at the first sight.

Myriads of thoughts came crowding into her mind. 'Charles fired Leila, and she had submissively submitted her formal resignation. It was so weird to see her give up Charles so quickly and start dating somebody else. And what a fine face he has! It's really impressing. And since she seemed to be pregnant, I hope they live happily and stayed away from me. Thank God, I could get rid of her finally.'

"Come in." Anthony's voice broke into Autumn's thoughts. He had finished up with the previous patient.

Autumn was about two months pregnant, so Anthony asked her to have an ultrasound scan in order to see the baby's condition. After the ultrasound picture was printed, Anthony was tickled pink. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so happy?"

Inquired Autumn.

Anthony put down the ultrasound picture and explained, "Miss Zhao, I admire your good luck. You… you are expecting twins." Anthony couldn't be happier for Autumn. If the twins could be born safely, her status would be consolidated.

"Twins?" The words escaped Autumn's mouth before she realized what she was saying. "You… you mean I have two babies in my womb?" Never had she imagined that it would happen to her. She was wild with joy.

"Yes, " Anthony replied with a smile. "You have to provide for two babies. Do pay attention to your diet." As a doctor, it was his duty to remind her of taking in nutritious food in her pregnancy. In his heart of hearts, he had to restrain his vague feelings for her. After all, she had got married and obviously she loved Charles.

"Okay, I will, " Autumn replied. Tears of joy rolled down her face. She was overwhelmed with joy. Her determination to save her babies became stronger. She never expected to have twins in her womb. Maybe her persistence paid off.

"Why are you crying?" Anthony comforted Autumn. "It's good news. Stop crying." He had no experience of consoling a crying woman, let alone this special patient.

He glanced at the table and spotted a box of tissues. Impulsively, he hurried to draw a tissue out of the box. But before he could reach out to dry Autumn's tears, he recalled her identity and pulled back his hand. It was known to all she had gotten married. Although he had a very special place for Autumn in his heart, he knew that he could not show his feelings towards her. If you loved a woman truly, you shouldn't do anything that would bother her.

After convincing himself, he put the tissue on the table.

With her eyes still brimming with tears Autumn replied, "I am fine. I am crying out of joy."

"Let's go. I'll drive you home, " Anthony offered. He was always willing to do anything to help Autumn. Besides, it was unsafe for a pregnant woman to go back home alone.

"You… Aren't you on d

ed at Dream Garden, he reminded her to have more rest and take the medicine regularly. It was normal for a doctor to talk to her about the dos and don'ts. No one would suspect his intentions.

"I see, I see. You really talk a lot, " Autumn said with a broad smile. "Whoever will marry you, she would find you annoying."

Anthony knew she was kidding, so he said goodbye and left. As Autumn entered the lobby, it was already noon. Although Nancy had prepared lunch, Autumn refused to eat. She had enjoyed much food with Anthony. After taking a nap upstairs, she woke up to find it was dark already outside the window.

"Are you awake?" Charles stared at Autumn and asked eagerly, "How did your doctor's visit go today?"

"Oh, look!" Autumn was sleepy and didn't want to open her eyes. Charles's question about her pregnancy quickly refreshed her. She stopped feeling drowsy and groggy, and sat up at once. She pulled her ultrasound picture out of her bag that was kept on the nightstand. Holding it up in the air, she said to Charles with a cheerful smile, "Look!" It seemed as if she was lifting something precious and priceless.

"What is it?"

"My ultrasound picture, " Autumn tried to conceal her excitement and replied casually. "What do you see?"

"How could I read the picture? You know I am not a doctor. Tell me, what on earth is the matter? Is our baby unhealthy?" Charles asked anxiously, holding Autumn's hand. He had been looking forward to their baby, but the drug she had taken made him anxious.

Charles's anxiety pleased Autumn. She burst into laughter and consoled him, "Our baby is fine. Don't worry." She used the word "baby" instead of "babies" in case Charles guessed they would expecting twins.

Autumn continued while pointing at the shadows, "Look at here. What do you see?"

"Stop testing me. Tell me the truth. What's wrong?" Charles became pale and urged her. If anything bad happened to their baby, he worried that Autumn would become desperate and her mental illness would get worse.

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