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   Chapter 428 Leila’s Boyfriend

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6186

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"This is the only option left for us to address this matter." Andy spoke with great composure. Charles remained quiet for a moment and finally accepted the solution suggested by Andy, though he was still torn by indecision. "Let us give it a try."

By the time Andy came downstairs, Nancy had finished preparing the dinner. Seeing Andy take his leave, Autumn immediately offered him to join them for dinner. "Andy, why not have dinner with us and then depart?"

"I'm good." Andy smiled at Autumn. "Take a good rest. I have to manage my work."

Andy departed. Autumn found it unbearably boring to confine herself at home. Fortunately, Chris had promised to accompany Autumn for shopping the following day. However, with her impending wedding, Chris had to attend to many things while finding some time for Autumn as well.

"Autumn, do I look good on this dress?" Chris came out to buy her wedding essentials while Sam was arranging for what was more important.

"It fits you perfectly." Autumn smiled at Chris. As she looked around, she spotted a maternity shop. And needless to say, she could hardly resist the temptation to invade the shop right away.

The shop was a new mom's paradise to say the least. It had the most beautiful and heart-warming collection of children's wear. Autumn wanted to pick a few stuff from the shop. Meanwhile, Chris got worried to lose the sight of Autumn. Finally, she managed to find her in that shop. Chris expressed her concern, "Autumn, you should have told me you are visiting this shop. I was really scared to find you missing like this all of a sudden."

"Awfully sorry for that!" Autumn admitted her mistake and then smiled at Chris. "I am greatly attached to these children's garments, but I don't know if it is a boy or a girl. Hence I have no clue as to which color I should pick for the baby."


Autumn, just forget this unpleasant encounter. Let's go." Chris drew Autumn's hand and was about to walk away, when a figure almost skipping over Autumn headed toward Leila, with hot milky tea and cake in his hand, and talked to Leila in high spirit, "I could not find you, though I just took my leave to buy you a cup of milky tea."

"It doesn't matter." Leila held Burke's hand affectionately. "Let us go back home."

"Okay." Burke replied with a gentle smile, "I will buy some ingredients to prepare a sumptuous meal for you. Would you like it?"

"I just love it." Leila smiled at Burke.

Autumn watched Leila romantically attached with Burke. 'When did Leila begin her relationship with that young guy?' Autumn thought to herself.

Chris remained perplexed too and, on the way back home, spoke to Autumn, "It was amazing to learn of Leila being engaged with such a man."

The man was handsome and attentive to Leila. Autumn expected Leila to cherish the his love.

Next day, Autumn decided to undertake a regular pregnancy test alone, though Charles expressed his willingness to accompany her. At the doctor's office, Autumn found Anthony busy with routine matters and was asked to sit for a while.

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