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   Chapter 425 The Culprit

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Edward sighed and spoke to Chris, "I have been trying to put an end to my failed marriage lawfully all this time, but I have not been able to reason it out with Rachel. Now, I am left bewildered."

"I suppose Rachel is trying to hide away just to avoid public pressure." Chris sneered. Because of her scandal, Rachel's career in the show business was completely shattered. No company was ready to invest on her. She also lost the faith of her followers.

Rachel was, at that moment, virtually blacklisted by everyone.

"Now I have no desire other than getting a quick divorce to just get rid of her once and for all." Edward heaved a sigh.

"Nancy." Charles handed over a pack of medicine to Nancy and said, "Please decoct this medicine. Autumn should take this on a daily basis."

"Okay, I do it right away." Nancy, inwardly pleased, took the pack of medicine to the kitchen, paying no attention to the glimmer of hatred that lurked in Charles' eyes.

Nancy was somewhat relieved to be asked to boil medicine for Autumn. It came to her as a chance to win over Charles' confidence once again.

The boiling dregs diverted Nancy's thoughts to the mystery man's order. 'It is a rare chance to save my son, ' Nancy thought to herself.

Nancy drew the pack of powder from her pocket, momentarily caught between the thought of harming Autumn's baby and losing Brent.

'But.. is it worthwhile to harm Autumn and her baby for the sake of my unworthy son?' Nancy thought.

Nancy's honor ultimately triumphed over her personal sentiment.

As a result, Nancy dumped the pack of powder.

Nancy was, at that moment, overcome with guilt over Brent, heaving a sigh.

"Why don't you continue with your evil motive?" Charles' voice came like a thunderbolt right from behind Nancy. It made her completely taken aback so much that she was almost losing her grip on the pot.

Nanny in burning hatred. "Nancy, you have been a maidservant in my family since my childhood. You are more of a loving senior than a servant to me. How could you resign yourself to such a heinous crime?"

"It was entirely my fault. I do fail you and Autumn." Nancy was overcome with tears of guilt and repentance. "Charles, I have my own difficulties."

"Your own difficulties?" Charles sneered, "How could it justify your drugging Autumn? Nancy, you do fall short of my family's complete faith that has been entrusted upon you for so many years!"

Nancy nearly ruined Autumn in pregnancy.

"Charles..." Nancy, kneeling down before Charles, pleaded earnestly and piteously, "It was absolutely my mistake. I did so to save my son, though he abandons himself to vices of all kinds."

"No more of it!" Charles retorted harshly, "Now tell me whatever I want to know. Do you understand?"

"I am willing to tell you everything about it." Since there was no hope for any concealment, a true confession would be a best policy.

"Who instigated you to drug Autumn?" Charles pressed an answer from Nancy, "Who is it?"

"I..." Nancy trailed in terror and managed to tell Charles, "I don' t know his real name, but my son call him Brother Fang."

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