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   Chapter 423 Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Craig laughed at Arthur's expression. "Oh, look at you! I was only kidding. Don't look so worried." While Arthur and Craig were exchanging pleasantries, Autumn and Charles entered the private room. They were amazed at the sight of their grandfather's friend. He was old, with grey hair and a goatee. But more than that, he looked to be someone not of the human race, they thought. He looked rather immortal, which was stunning. In television serials, immortals always seemed to be surrounded by enchanting mist, like they were floating. That was how Craig seemed to the couple.

Seeing Autumn and Charles enter, Arthur immediately got up and introduced them to Craig. "This is my granddaughter, Autumn Zhao, and my grandson-in-law, Charles Lu."

Arthur gave Autumn a fatherly pat on the hand and turned to look at Craig. "Autumn, Charles, meet Craig Xiao, a very good friend of mine. You better call him 'Grandpa Craig', " he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Autumn flashed a wide smile. "Grandpa Craig, it is nice to meet you." Charles, who stood beside his wife, echoed her greetings. Just as they were sitting, the door to the private room opened again. And Autumn was surprised to see a familiar face.

The young man looked a bit flushed, and apologized. "Grandpa, sorry I am late." It was Anthony, whom Autumn had run into twice already before his appearance now. She was surprised but pleased to see him again.

"Come, come. Let me introduce you to everyone, " Craig said. He pulled his grandson by the hand and said happily, "This is my friend Arthur Zhao. We have known each other for years." Anthony bowed in greeting for Arthur. "And these two are his granddaughter and grandson-in-law…"

"We met earlier, " Anthony interrupted Craig. While he tried to keep his emotions in check as Craig finished the introductions, Anthony could not help feeling glad to see Autumn again. It was a funny feeling to be excited seeing the woman once more, he admitted to himself.

"You've met before?" Craig inquired. He was surprised the two were already acquainted but did not pursue asking. Craig was just glad his grandson could be friends with Arthur's grandchildren like he and his old friend. "Have a seat, " he offered Anthony.

He then smiled at Autumn and said, "It's nice to see you again." Anthony sat next to Autumn. He pointed out how rare it was to meet a person thrice in one day. Autumn found this unusual as well but welcomed the happy coincidence. With a friendly grin, she told Anthony, "I didn't expect that we would have someone in common. We ran into each other twice totally unaware, only to discover our grandfathers are old friends."

They all laughed. Anthony again fell silent but continued to stare at Autumn. He was thinking, 'I've never met anyone with such pure and innocent eyes. If she wasn't already married, I think I would fall for her.'

He could not help but be affected by her cheerful attitude and bright smile.

A soft knock on the door shook him from his thoughts. Everyone stopped talking and turned to see who was at the door. A waitress came in to start serving. When she left, Arthur poured a glass of wine for Craig. Anthony was quick to frown and warn

ge told him Autumn's condition was very bad. Before he could open his mouth, Anthony spoke up. "Why don't you go to my hospital tomorrow morning?" he suggested.

Autumn looked confused. "What do you mean go to your hospital?" "For treatment, " Anthony replied.

Although he was reluctant, and would rather have Autumn give up the baby, this was the better option for now since she resisted the advice to terminate the pregnancy. He would do his best to keep her safe and help her get better. Arthur, Charles, and Autumn looked to Craig to understand what was being proposed.

"That's right. My grandson has learned Traditional Chinese Medicine from me. And I'd say the student has become better than the teacher, and is now the master. He also took up Western medicine in university, " Craig said proudly. He added, "His medical skills are so much better than mine." Craig clapped his grandson on the back. "Anthony will take very good care of Autumn. Don't you worry." Anthony's decision to take over the difficult task was unexpected but quite welcome for his grandfather. He had full faith in his capabilities as a doctor, although the others looked doubtful he was that competent because of his young age. So he would do the next best thing and put in a good word for Anthony.

Arthur was surprised to learn that Anthony became interested in what he thought to be boring Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides, he didn't look like he was already an expert in it. It would be more credible if he said he was just a new graduate.

Craig read his friend's mind and gave assurance. "Trust me, my friend. There is no need to worry." To further convince Arthur, Craig related, "My grandson has been playing inside my medicine storeroom since he was a young boy. At five years old, he could identify all the herbs and even prescribe the proper medication to patients. And when he went to college, his medical skills outstripped mine." Craig could not mask his pride in his grandson. "Then he went to study Western medicine. So accept his offer to treat Autumn. And trust him. He will take good care of her so you do not need to worry."

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