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   Chapter 415 Autumn Was Irritated

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"Oh, now I understand it all and their need to keep everything low-key." Leila sneered and thought that Autumn wanted to keep this baby simply to maintain her strong grip on Charles' heart.

"Yes." Burke sighed and said, "Actually, as a doctor, even I would have strongly suggested her not to keep this baby because of her poor health condition. Are you her friend? If you see her next time, please persuade her to abort the baby and it's for her own benefit."

"OK, I will do what I can." Leila nodded her head and said to Burke, "Wait, I have another question. If she gets irritated or has another one of her bad mood swings, what will happen?"

"What will happen? God I hope it does not happen. Both she and the baby would be adversely affected." Burke added, "All in all, it's too dangerous for her to be pregnant now. Please tell that to her and try to change her mind."

The doubt in Leila's mind was confirmed. She looked at Burke with narrow eyes and said, "I have to leave now. There is an important thing for me to attend. Thank you for letting me know."

"What? Wait..." Leila left immediately regardless of what Burke said. He didn't even know why she came all the way to the premise.

Leila took a file from the company, then went home and went to Dream Garden finally.

She wondered whether she could enter the house successfully because the last time she had visited, she had been blocked out by Yvonne.

Leila parked the car at the gate and rang the doorbell. Suddenly, she heard a woman's voice.

The people of Zhao family often went to Dream Garden for Autumn since she had fallen sick. Abby had seen Leila before and warned Charles because of her so Leila left a bad impression to her.

"Why are you here? What do you want to do?" Abby inquired her intentions rather impolitely.

"Do we... know each other?" Leila cast a glance at Abby with curiosity.

"You don't know me, but I know you. Just answer what you are being asked directly!" Abby commanded Leila to respond in a tough ton

, yes! It's the necklace!" Autumn grasped Charles' collar tightly and asked him, "Why does she have the same necklace as the one you bought me?"

"Calm down. Be careful and think about our baby." Autumn calmed herself gradually with the help of Charles' words. He stood up and asked Leila, "How did you get the necklace?"

Leila was a little amazed and then she answered, "I bought it for myself when I was on the business trip with you."

"Why did you choose the same necklace as the one I bought and wore it to come see Autumn? What were your intentions?" Charles asked her in a tough tone.

"Autumn, now you can see that Charles has nothing to do with that necklace. It's not like what you think." Abby consoled Autumn, "Let's go back to the house."

Abby took Autumn back to the room and cast a glance at Leila with anger, then she warned Charles, "If you don't deal with this trouble today, someday this woman could destroy Autumn."

Leila was frightened. When Abby and Autumn went back, she explained for herself to Charles, "Mr. Lu, I didn't do that on purpose. I bought this necklace just because it was beautiful. I didn't expect that Autumn could be so sensitive..."

Leila couldn't help crying and added, "I promise that I had no bad intentions for her. Autumn treats me well so... why would I possibly try to hurt her?"

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