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   Chapter 413 Inquiring

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"Wake up, Autumn, it's time for dinner." After carrying the food upstairs, Charles entered their bedroom, turned on the light and shook Autumn awake. However, Autumn, who had been sleeping for hours, woke up in a daze and told Charles that she was not hungry and wanted to go back to sleep.

"Oh, please get up and join me for supper." Charles frowned. "Get out of bed and eat something, love. Please don't forget, you're carrying our baby so now you have to eat for two people."

Their relationship was now treading on delicate grounds owing to Autumn's occasional outbursts which were caused by her illness. Taking advantage of her sobriety, she apologized sincerely, "Charles, I'm sorry for all the trouble I've been causing lately. It must be very hard on you, I am so very sorry..."

"Oh it doesn't matter, Autumn. Please forget all about it, " Charles interrupted her immediately, as he looked into her eyes lovingly. "We're husband and wife, and you deserve everything I do for you."

"I mean it, my behavior was unwarranted for and I can't imagine what I made you go through on my account." Autumn looked back into his eyes deeply. She was fully aware of how her illness had affected those around her, and bearing that guilt in her mind, she wanted to express her apology to her closest ones without losing control of her emotions.

"Look, Charles, if I lose my temper again, just leave me alone until it passes because I do not know what I am saying and it means nothing, " Autumn advised. "I really feel guilty about bothering you so much."

"Don't say that, " Charles said sadly as he helped Autumn sit up in the bed. "No matter how long or what it takes, I will find a way to cure you and help our baby be born safely, " he added firmly to assure her.

After only a few bites, Autumn put the bowl and chopsticks down. Her appetite had almost died. So Charles helped her to lie down. And soon she fell in deep slumber.

In most cases, pregnant women gain a couple of pounds, but instead of gaining weight, Autumn was shedding weight owing to the stress and side effect from the medicines. Charles was heartbroken as he realized this.

In the early hours of the next morning, Isla came to visit Autumn. Tears welled in her eyes at the sight of Autumn, who was thinner than the last time she saw her. "Oh, dear, how haggard you seem. Damn it! Who on earth has done this to you?"

Isla cried and cursed the unknown culprit, and then blamed Charles for not protecting Autumn completely.

The preg

Burke hurriedly agreed to her invitation, almost desperately to meet Leila in a second. After all, he had regarded Leila as his goddess since high school, and this was the first time she asked him directly out to dinner.

They arranged to have dinner at a barbecue restaurant. As soon as Leila arrived at the appointed place, she saw Burke waving to her eagerly with a big smile on his face.

"You're so early!" Leila smiled at him.

"It's quite close to the hospital where I work. And I came right after you called me, " Burke replied. "Order whatever you like."

Leila didn't care what to eat, so she ordered some dishes. "How about two bottles of beer?" she offered.

"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't drink. I'm still on call." Burke frowned. "I asked for two hours off. I have to go back to the hospital on duty after dinner."

Leila's face instantly turned dull on his refusal. Burke bewildered a little, but he would not disregard the rules and regulations of the hospital. Asking for time off for an appointment was already a strict no-no. He could not top that up with another violation.

"Leila, please don't be angry. I'll ask you out for a drink when I'm free. You know the hospital rules. I really can't drink today, " Burke explained urgently.

"Okay, okay, fair enough. I won't force you to drink then, " Leila said helplessly. "I remember you are... an obstetrician and gynecologist, right?"

"Yes... " Burke nodded awkwardly. He always thought that Leila wouldn't go out with him because of his profession, so he tried to make it clear, "Leila, there are more and more men who are obstetricians and gynecologists. Actually, it's not what you think... "

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