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   Chapter 412 An Investigation

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Nancy was ashamed of her role in assisting in this heinous crime, as she held on to the receiver in terror.

"You can relax and take a breath. I am not calling you to keep drugging Autumn." The mystery man over the phone said rather coldly, as he decided to switch to a wiser and safer course to take revenge from Autumn and sustain Nancy's role.

"Please spare me! Under no circumstance would I continue to harm a pregnant woman. Please... just send back my son as I have obliged to your previous requests." Nancy pleaded with overburdening guilt as she entertained a tiny glimmer of hope to run away from the mess.

"You don't need to worry about that, as you are allowed to discontinue from your current task."? The man continued to add in a detached tone. 'I will wait patiently and then give Autumn and Charles a stunning blow for my vengeance and satisfaction, ' he thought to himself.

"For the time being, all you really need to do is to take good care of Autumn. I will contact you if necessary." The man hung up the call after saying that. Nancy was eager to learn more, only to be left out of his devious plan.

Nancy felt rather powerless to deal with that.

"Nancy." Chris came to the kitchen, found Nancy burdened with tears, and asked anxiously, "Why such tears? Is everything okay?"

"I am fine." Nancy managed to reply with sense and reason, "I feel sympathetic about Autumn's trouble, as she should have been happy to be pregnant. Unexpectedly..."

Chris, with burning hatred, denounced the culprit, "I will teach the ringleader a good lesson!"

Chris sighed and continued, "Nancy, you can rest assured. Charles will find out the criminal involved very soon after conducting a meticulous investigation."

"Charles..." Nancy was struck with severe shock as she stammered, "An investigation will

ng the scales.

Charles, after a good while, decided to enlist Andy's help. "Be bothered to track down a man."

"Who is it?" Andy was challenged by a mission which was beyond Charles' reach.

"Ferry Fang." Charles had to entrust Andy with the matter. "I am powerless to hunt him down. I say this after trying all means possible. Thus, it depends on you."

Andy decided to try all sorts of back doors instead as Charles must have gone on the normal path already.

Charles found out earlier it was Ferry who visited Yvonne at the prison before Yvonne was missing.

Ferry's name was recorded, but Charles' efforts to locate Ferry led him to believe it was a dead end.

Charles had asked Autumn for an answer, but Autumn's memory was hazzy. Charles, at that moment, had to rely on Andy's connection to link the missing gaps.

Andy voiced his support, "Okay, I will keep you apprised of the development."

After the departure of Zhao family, Charles, suspicious of Nancy, decided to buy food outside. Nancy, who was cleaning the house downstairs, saw Charles back home with food, being left nonplussed to speak to Charles.

'Am I.. suspected of drugging Autumn?'

Nancy thought to herself in terror.

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