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   Chapter 411 A Horrible Man Over The Phone

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6359

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"How could you be out here? You should be in your room resting."? Charles was upset and yet shocked to see Autumn in the doctor's office. "Autumn, this child will be aborted, as we have decided that after carefully considering your present poor health. We will have another baby when you are physically and psychologically fit. Please do consider my advice."

"Irrespective of whatever is said and done, I will keep this baby!"? Autumn remained adamant. Supported by Chris, Autumn moved towards the doctor and pleaded for her child's life. "It is my earnest hope that I could carry my baby in my womb until delivery. My revered doctor, I place all my hopes upon you to do what you must to keep it healthy!"

Autumn was too weak to speak any further. Upon seeing Autumn out of breath, Charles lost no time to comfort her, "Autumn, for the time being, it is more important to cure your illness than to keep this baby, otherwise, you could stand losing your life let alone bringing life."

"I am fully aware of the risk."? Autumn spoke to Charles as she began to sob, "I know I have been mentally unsound and have been bringing you trouble and hurting you. I feel immense regret about it. But this baby.. I can not afford to abort it. It is a life and I am the mother."

"You are being quite unreasonable!" Charles found it impossible to meet Autumn's wishes, as Autumn was, at that moment, too feeble to carry her baby any longer.

Chris and Sam added their advice, "Autumn, you better abort this child now. You will have another one when you regain your health, which would also be healthy for the baby."

"Autumn, as Chris suggested, you must take care of your health so as to produce a healthy baby."? Sam regretted remaining silent about Autumn's abnormal behavior for the first time, which worsened the situation where Autumn was caught in now.

"Thanks for your kindness and concern. I unde

ion, Autumn looked better. As the doctor said, Autumn would remain healthy, as long as she was off the drug and would not be troubled.

The day Autumn was discharged from hospital after recovery, Lu family and Zhao family awaited Autumn's arrival earnestly in Dream Garden.

However, Nancy was overcome with regret and guilt, as she embraced solace in the kitchen.

Nancy nearly ruined Autumn for the sake of saving her own son. Although she disliked Autumn, she had not thought of killing Autumn, much less an expectant mother.

Nancy was, at that moment, on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Nancy could not help but weep regretfully and guiltily in the kitchen as she recalled how the Lu family held her in high regard for so many years.

Gary was pleased to learn about his great grandson, however, it was she who nearly undid this family bliss. How could she not be guilty?

At that moment, she got a violent blow, upon seeing the familiar phone number followed by the horrible voice. "I was informed of.... Autumn's pregnancy. Now she may return in Dream Garden from the hospital."

"What evil scheme on earth are you plotting now?"? The mystery man over the phone was no less than a demon to keep Lu family under close watch, calm and collected.

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