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   Chapter 410 Autumn Got Pregnant

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Even though Charles knew that Autumn didn't do that on purpose, he could not help but feel a pinch of disappointment with her.

"Never mind, it was just a simple meal." Leila said with a rather assuring smile, "Please do help yourself."

Leila wasn't hungry but she kept persuading and urging Charles to eat more.

"Mr. Lu, can you... please tell me what happened?" Leila encouraged him to open up, "Maybe you will feel better once you speak it out. And you can trust that whatever you tell me will remain between us."

"I am fine." Charles let out a bitter smile as he simply could not even think of troubling anyone else with his burden.

"Then... you can just tell me whenever you decide to talk about it with others." Leila drew the line there and stopped nudging him to open up as she knew how Charles didn't like the women who were too enthusiastic around him. She cleaned up the table carefully after dinner and said to Charles, "I need to leave now, Mr. Lu."

"Hold on." Charles put on his jacket as he offered, "I'll drop you back home. It's the least I can do."

Charles wanted to express his gratitude for Leila in a way that he could.

Leila nodded her head in approval. This had presented itself as a perfect opportunity to draw closer to him and she had absolutely no reason to refuse it.

On their way to Leila's home, she didn't say anything because Charles wasn't in a good mood. When his car pulled over outside her home, Leila said, "Would you join me upstairs for a cup of tea?"

"No, thank you. I have troubled you enough for one night." Charles didn't want to go home but that did not mean he would brazenly head to another woman's house and betray Autumn.

He finally decided to go home. Once he reached, the living room was pitch dark and he saw Autumn perched on the sofa with a sad expression as switched on the light. Autumn stared back at him and asked, "Where did you go? Why have you come home so late?"

"I was occupied with quite a lot of work in the office." Then he added, "It is quite late. Why didn't you just go to sleep?"

"You are lying!" Autumn yelled at Charles with hatred and disgust, "I called you on your personal extention number in the office. You were not there! So I ask you again where did you go?"

"I told you I was working in the company. What is it that you want to hear?" Charles got impatient. Her interrogation and accusations did not annoy him, but... instead he was confused as to why Aut

ecially when even Sam had found them.

In that moment, he felt he neglected her and was an unqualified husband.

"It seems that she has been taking this medicine for a long time only that could explain how the effect is so adverse." Charles got restless as he heard the bad news from the doctor. He asked, "Can it be cured?"

"Yes, it can, but..." The doctor looked at Charles with reluctance and disappointment.

"But what?" Charles' heart was now beating outside his body out of nervousness. He urged the doctor to tell him so the doctor had to speak out honestly, "Mrs. Lu is pregnant. If we use medicines to treat her disease, it could be fatal to the baby in her womb. So I think... you can have a discussion with her once she wakes up and make a decision together."

"There is no need to discuss this with her especially when she is mentally unstable. Just get rid of the kid!" Charles said affirmatively. They could always try for another baby in the future. But if Autumn died because of this baby, Charles would never forgive himself.

"No!" Charles heard Autumn's voice just as he made the decision for them. She looked rather weak after knowing what happened from Chris. She commanded Chris to take her there and find out the truth about her disease. Unexpectedly, she heard Charles' talk with the doctor.

She knew what Charles did was for her sake, but she was the mother of the baby. It was in her womb and she couldn't be so cruel as to end a life.

With that in mind, she said to the doctor in a tough tone, "Doctor, I want to keep this baby so please try your best to help me while I carry this life within me..."

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