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   Chapter 409 A Mystery Man (Part Two)

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"Ahhh!" Yvonne screamed. She felt pain radiating to the rest of her face and completely folded her body on the floor, fearful of being struck again.

The mysterious visitor was breathing heavily. Then, he said, "To be honest, I hate Autumn much more than I hate you." Not only was his face disfigured, Autumn had destroyed his life as well. He swore he would make Autumn pay.

"What do you want me to do for you?" Yvonne whimpered. She peered at him, feeling both pain and fear that this could be her end if she did not agree to his demands.

"I'm sure you are dying to get out of this place, " said he. He hunched down and looked at Yvonne with a sneer. "I could help you get out of here." Yvonne was listening. "But… you have to do everything I tell you."

She thought, 'What do I have to lose?' Yvonne was sick of the dark and dreary hole she was stuck in. If it meant leaving the place, she wouldn't mind doing this stranger's bidding. "Okay, I will do whatever you ask. Just take me away from this dreadful place, " she decided.

The stranger clapped his hands in glee at Yvonne's submission.

Not long after that visit, Yvonne was reported to have escaped prison. Autumn could not believe the news, thinking it was just a hoax. But the police called to warn her about the escaped felon and asked to report Yvonne's whereabouts urgently.

Still Autumn found it incredulous that Yvonne would be able to break out of prison. For certain, she had help because it was not something she could do alone.

Autumn opted to keep this development a secret, even from Charles. But he knew it somehow. He was worried about Yvonne and decided to check on Yvonne's visitors. He came upon an unfamiliar name: Ferry Fang.

Charles asked his wife, "Autumn, do you know anyone named Ferry Fang?" She looked at him blankly. Charles doubted she had any idea about who the man was. He also noted that lately, Autumn's memory was quite erratic, and getting worse.

"I don't recall anyone by that name, " she finally replied. Her efforts to remember the name were futile and this made her a

back, " she explained. "Mr. Lu… would you like to join me for dinner?" She motioned eating at the office.

"That sounds great!" Charles answered. No one was more surprised than Leila that her boss agreed to the invitation.

The truth was Charles was getting sick of Autumn's suspicions and her cursing and wanted to relax. Dining with Leila would be relaxing, he decided.

The secretary quickly moved to set up the food, grateful for the company. As she opened the meal box, a tempting aroma floated in the room.

"That smells delicious, " Charles complimented. He was thankful for her offer. With Autumn so unstable these days, it had been a long time since she cooked for him.

"Well, have your fill, " said Leila. She made sure Charles would be satisfied with the food, then, carefully pried out information. "Mr. Lu, are you not being served well at home?" Leila asked innocently.

Seeing him wolf down the food astonished her. It seemed like he missed having a good meal.

Charles was thoroughly enjoying his food and gave no thought to keeping his situation a secret. "Because of certain domestic matters, I have not enjoyed a single meal at home in quite a while." He straightened up, patted his stomach and said, "But it is very kind of you to give me a meal." Charles smiled at Leila in gratitude.

At that moment, he was reluctant to go home and deal with Autumn.

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