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   Chapter 408 Mystery Man (Part One)

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Autumn stood firm. "Just take it, please. And it's getting late so you'd better get some rest." Then she stood up and headed towards the kitchen, which was her original plan.

Nancy wondered why Autumn really came down. "What do you need, Mrs. Lu?" she asked. Autumn's generosity made her feel somewhat guilty.

"Oh, I was just going to heat some milk, " Autumn replied. She turned to look at Nancy and said, "We are family, Nancy. So, if you're ever in any kind of trouble, we'd like to know. Charles and I will do all we can to help you."

Nancy nodded and said, "All right." She put the red envelop inside her pocket, bowed and thought, 'While this money is not nearly enough, it is still better than nothing.' Nancy decided to assist Autumn.

"Mrs. Lu, let me heat the milk for you, " she offered. She hurried to the kitchen. Then she secretly took out a small packet of powder from her pocket. Hesitating for several seconds, she then sprinkled it into Autumn's milk.

'Autumn, I didn't do it on purpose, ' she thought to herself.

'I need money to pay that man, otherwise…' Nancy frowned slightly.

Autumn took over the milk and said, "Thank you." She smiled and told Nancy, "Why don't you get some rest now. Good night."

Nancy bid Autumn good night as well. But as she watched Autumn going up the stairs, she called out, "Mrs. Lu…"

Autumn turned around. "Did you need something?" From where she stood, Autumn thought Nancy was saying something but she couldn't quite hear it because of the sound of firecrackers exploding outside. Then Nancy simply smiled and said, "Oh nothing. Thank you again."

Autumn brought the milk to the bedroom, and after drinking, soon fell asleep.

Children loved the Spring Festival because it meant a visit to their friends' families, and they could wear beautiful clothes and eat lots of delicious food. But the thrill ended once they grew up. For adults, it was just a common festival with firecrackers, and signaled they would add another year to their age. And the sense of happiness that the festival brought quickly waned as the festivities came to an end.

It was the end of January when Autumn was informed that Wendy's execution had been carried out. It was death by shooting. And since Yvonne was locked up in jail, Autumn, as Wendy's only othe

e snarled. Yvonne jumped a little when he pulled off the hair covering his face. It was horrible, marked by a huge scar that disfigured his face. Then he asked, "Now, do you recognize this scar on my face?"

Yvonne shut her eyes to think. Then, "Oh! It's you!" she said as recognition dawned on her. This time her eyes were wide with shock. Once she recognized who it was, she shivered in fear. She tried to swat away his hands holding her face and cried, "I had nothing to do with what happened to you. It was Autumn. It was all her fault!"

"Oh, I know. I will never forget what was done to me, " he said menacingly. With a devious smile, he grabbed Yvonne's hand and held it tightly. "I want you to remember that I am not letting you, or her, get away with this. Ever!" he snapped.

Fearful now, Yvonne pleaded, "I had nothing to do with it. I swear…" As panic rose, she tried to escape from his clutches but the room was so narrow that he easily caught Yvonne and hurled her to the ground.

She was scared and that gave him so much satisfaction. Looming above her, he growled, "I want to make a deal with you."

Cowering, Yonne said, "No! I won't do it. Just please leave." Desperate now, she shouted, "You are the devil! I don't want to see you. Go away!" Yvonne prayed a prison guard could hear her.

Her shouts made him snap. "Shut up!" he screamed at her. Then he slapped Yvonne so hard across the cheek that she slumped to the ground. With fire in his eyes, he declared, "From now on, you have no right to say no to me!"

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