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   Chapter 406 The Spring Festival (Part Two)

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It was the liveliest New Year for the Lu family. In the past, only three people spent New Year's Eve together. While other families were celebrating Spring Festival together, there was nothing to be cheerful about for the Lu family. Charles never cared for the grand festivities so it did not matter whether his family had a party or not. So Spring Festival was usually quiet and cheerless. Gary was usually upset over the lack of celebration, but could do nothing to change the situation. So this year was totally different since Autumn and Sam were now members of the Lu family and would be participating in their first family reunion.

Even better, the Zhao family also decided to participate in the New Year festivities as well. Gary stared at Autumn, who had wrapped her arms around young Cindy. He was looking forward to having a great-grandson as soon as possible.

There was delicious food, merry-making, and laughter in the house. The joy was unmistakable.

With a big smile, Gary called out, "Gather together everyone. It is now time for red packets." He rubbed his hands together before bringing out the red packets. "Everyone will be getting a red packet. It is my New Year's wish for each of you, " he announced.

Everyone chorused, "Thank you, Grandpa!" Gary was tremendously pleased to see how his family sincerely appreciated his gifts and how much fun they were all having. After Gary, Arthur also gave away red packets to everyone. Autumn was teary-eyed with joy as she received two envelopes. Seeing her sentimental, those around her burst into laughter.

After dinner, Autumn asked Cindy to go out to the yard to join her in setting off the fireworks. Others started playing mahjong in the chess room. Emily, who said she was already tired, went to rest early.

Cindy, however, could not mask her sadness even as she tried to enjoy setting off the fireworks. Autumn, who happened to look at her, was concerned about Cindy's mood and decided to ask why she was feeling blue despite the festivities.

She walked over to Cindy and gently asked, "What's wrong Cindy? Why do you look upset? You can tell me." She caught Cindy's hand in hers and then wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Sister Autumn, I…" Cindy found it difficult to speak as she felt Autumn's kindness. Then she could no longer keep the tears from streaming down her cheeks.

Seeing her distress, Autumn hugged Cindy tight to comfort her. She waited patiently until Cindy had calmed down, and then asked, "Why are you so sad, Cindy? I can't bear to see you like this. Please, tell me so I can help you out."

Cindy sniffed and nearly choked as she opened up to Autumn. "Sister Gina said my mom was pregnant and I would have a baby brother or sister soon. She also told me that once the baby was born they would no longer like me." Cindy wrapped her arms around Autumn while trying to hold back tears. "She even said my mom would throw me away when my baby sister or brother was born, " she wailed.

She sobbed some more, while she was still clinging to Autumn. Then Cindy looked up and said, "Sister Autumn, will my mom really abandon me? The thought really upsets me."

Autumn blew out a breath. "Cindy, I think Gina is just joking. You have nothi

t is bad for the baby when the mother is stressed or angry. Not good for antenatal training."

Abby relaxed her clenched fists. Then she touched her belly, rubbed it gently and sat down on a nearby chair. She inhaled and exhaled to relax and told Andy again, "I want Gina out of my house when we get back." She still could not contain her anger and threatened, "If you can't promise to do that, I am not keeping this baby!"

"What?! You…" Andy was still clueless about what set off his wife's sudden violent behavior. As irritating as it was, he knew he could not get mad at Abby considering her delicate condition and her temperament, which he was very well aware of. "Okay, okay. I promise to do what you said. Just don't be so furious and take care of our baby, " he said.

"Watch out for the baby? You only care about this unborn baby, Andy? Why haven't you been paying more attention to Cindy?" Abby cried out. Thinking about Gina, she lost her cool again and snarled at Andy, "If you insist on letting her stay in the house, she will continue to mislead Cindy with thoughtless words. Are you aware that Cindy has been upset and frustrated lately?"

Andy looked even more confused at his wife's ranting. "What nonsense are you talking about?" Amy nearly shouted. Amy stepped in, frowning, and said, "Gina may be a country girl, but she is understanding and sensible. Besides, Andy's relative entrusted her care to him until she finds a job in Y City. I'm certain it is a small matter to let her stay in the house. Don't be so mean, " she addressed Abby.

Abby blew out a breath, and exasperated over the situation. "Mom…" she began. "Do you really think I am a selfish and cruel person and I will not welcome those who need a home temporarily?" Abby asked. Then eyes flashing with fire she continued, "If she did not say those things to Cindy, I would definitely not ask her to leave the house." Eyebrows raised she turned to Andy, "Do you know what she told Cindy?"

Abby then looked at Cindy and motioned her to come. "Cindy, please come here." She waved at the little girl, feeling guilty that she had ignored her daughter and her feelings lately.

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