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   Chapter 404 Meeting For A Wedding (Part Three)

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"Mom, I can understand you are just worried about me." Isla smiled reassuringly and said, "But you should also have faith on Aron. I know, he will never let me down."

The reassuring words of Isla came as a soothing balm on the wounded heart of her mother. Yet it took Jina a few minutes to gather herself. After she calmed down, Joanna spoke, "It is our family's responsibility to prepare for the wedding. You can just give the list of guests to us. Moreover, if you have any customs need to be complied with, please let us know. We are going to become a family very soon. Please don't hesitate to tell us if you find anything inappropriate on our part."

"Okay." Finally, there was a satisfying smile on Jina's face. The situation became cheerful once again. All the people at the table began talking harmoniously with each other. The wedding was a much awaited auspicious moment not just for Isla and Aron but for both the families.

Amidst all the cheers and niceties that were being shared among everyone, one soul that was still extremely distressed was that of Fiona. No matter how hard she tried to get along with the happy tide that flowed in the party, she could not stop worrying about the probable outcome of the marriage on her and her son's future. Mike promised a big gift to Aron on his wedding. Fiona guessed that the gift must be Mike's share of the company. Hence she tried with all her might to stop Aron from marrying.

The very thought of Aron living a happy life was unbearable for her.

"Jina, our family can take care of almost everything but... we have no idea about your local customs. We don't want anything to fall short in our attempt to prepare for your family. I have discussed it with Aron and plan to give you 8.88 million dollars. If you think it is not enough, we can give more. So how do you think about it?" Joanna had discussed it for a long time and chose such a lucky number as the price for Isla's gift. Isla was a very good girl for Aron. The money was just a token to show Aron and his family's respect for her. And she deserved the money.

"Mom, are you kidding?" Fion

th Anderson's cowardness. She accused him, "Coward! What have you done for me since I married you? Nothing! I did all these only for your son! If I don't say anything, your parents will leave all their fortune to Aron. Then you will lose everything!"

"Are you talking about how to divide my property after my death? Remember I'm still alive!" Mike sneered and said to Fiona, "Mark my words to be my last warning to you. If you don't leave right now, I will give nothing to Colin after I die!"

"Grandpa." Colin was distressed by the words of his grandfather. 8.8 million was a meagre amount for the Chen family and he was willing to give it to Isla as long as Mike changed his mind.

He walked up towards Mike and helped him to sit down. Then he gave Mike a glass of water and said, "Sorry grandpa, don't be angry. It's bad for your health."

When Mike calmed down, Colin said to Fiona, "Mom, please stop talking. It's your fault to enrage grandpa!"

"But I did that only for you..." Colin's words hit her with a hard blow on her chest. Hurt and broken, she stammered, "Nobody in this family understands me! Nobody thanked me for what I did for this family!"

"Enough now, just stop talking." Colin added, "Grandparents care more about Aron only because his parents are not alive and he needs more concern. But they treat me well and give me everything I want. It's unfair to judge them in this way."

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