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   Chapter 402 Meeting For A Wedding (Part One)

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Isla sighed and shook her head. "No, Aron is not aware of this. And I don't want to worry him because he will try to deal with the situation." She clasped her hands before speaking. "You know Aron is still dealing with Simon's death. But Colin's family is also causing him trouble. And if he finds out that Colin has been harassing me, I'm afraid he will try to settle the score violently and destroy himself in the process."

Autumn wanted to console Isla, and started to talk but decided to keep quiet. She was thinking only Aron could resolve the matter of Colin hounding Isla, since her friend was helpless in dealing with the situation.

Although Aron may decide to handle things violently, perhaps he can be persuaded to settle it in a civil manner.

Autumn finally spoke up. "Isla, I still think it's better to tell Aron what has been going on so he can think of a way to put a stop to it." As angry as she was over the situation, she was calm as giving her suggestion.

"I know what to do, " Isla suddenly blurted out. With a small smile, she said, "Tomorrow my parents will be coming to Y City to discuss my wedding with Aron's grandparents. I'll tell Aron about it then."

"That sounds good, " Autumn agreed. She only hoped Isla would really push through with telling Aron.

Autumn escorted Isla to the door of her home just to ensure she was home safe. Nowadays, living a comfortable life was not a guarantee against facing danger.

At the end of the year, Autumn finished her last proposal and gave orders for her employees to take their annual leave.

She knew taking a break was necessary because they would soon be faced with several big cases when they returned to work after the new year. She wanted all of them to be well rested.

Isla left the officer earlier to pick up her parents from the train station. John and Jina wore down jackets that their daughter bought earlier in preparation for the meeting with Aron's grandparents.

With their work at the farm, they rarely dressed up stylishly.

"Dad! Mom!" Isla cried as she ran up to her parents. She was so glad to see them with big smiles

eplied. She felt the tension building around them as Fiona went on with her bitter sarcasm. 'Who is this woman?' she thought to herself.

Too nervous, she pulled Isla close and asked, "My dear, who is that lady? How should I refer to her?" She was whispering so as not to add to the tension.

"They are Aron's uncle and aunt, " Isla explained. She had to calm herself while patting her mother's arm in assurance.

Unfortunately, Colin joined his parents and went up to Isla. "Miss Zhao, we meet again, " said he. It was obvious he was flirting with Isla, much to Aron's dismay.

Colin believed the best way to antagonize his cousin was through his girlfriend because any discomfort felt by Isla would certainly upset Aron.

Isla opted to ignore Colin's behavior. But she could not escape Fiona, who, upon seeing her nephew's betrothed, was drawn to her beauty but was turned off by the rustic manners of her parents, however well-dressed they were.

"I suppose this young lady is Isla, " Fiona said looking at the young woman. She approached Isla, a hypocritical smile on her lips. "You look pretty, " she commented.

Isla nodded and said, "Yes, Aunt. It's me." Isla addressed Fiona the way Aron did, as a sign of respect but which was met with Fiona's contempt. "Miss Zhao, your marrying into the family is still a long way off. You better call me Mrs. Chen… to avoid raising any suspicions, " said she.

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