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   Chapter 401 Colin Targets Isla

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Nancy masked her guilt by quickly assuring Charles. "Don't worry about me, Mr. Lu." She paused, inhaled quietly and then said, "I am fine. And I appreciate your concern."

As this went on, Autumn kept silent and focused on eating.

As planned, Autumn left with Chris to shop after dinner. They first went to the supermarket to get nuts and snacks for the Spring Festival. Then they headed to the shopping mall to buy clothes for Gary as a New Year's gift. Autumn regretted not having enough time to get her grandparents in the Zhao family any presents because it was already late. She made up her mind to go out and shop again another day.

Chris could not contain her excitement about the coming celebration. "I am so looking forward to the family reunion on New Year's Eve. We must celebrate with a party! My brother used to buy a lot of fireworks to light up the New Year and it was spectacular watching them rise and bloom in the sky!" she remarked. Autumn shared in Chris' enthusiasm.

"Yes, we absolutely must have a party for the Spring Festival this year. We need to cherish this time together with the family because next year, you're going to spend New Year with Sam's family, " she told Chris. Autumn was teasing Chris as they loaded the stuff in the car trunk.

Chris blushed in shyness but smiled a bit.

On their way home, they drove by the supermarket and saw Isla who was being harassed by a man they were unfamiliar with. Autumn quickly stopped the car and went over to Isla, in an attempt to protect her friend.

Up close, Autumn saw a man dressed in an expensive suit, who was actually good-looking. But he had ill manners. True to form, the man's eyes glimmered when Autumn came into his sight. "Wow, what a beauty! Tonight must be my lucky night, " he said brashly.

"Autumn! What are you doing here?" Isla cried out. Startled at seeing Autumn, Isla uttered, "This has nothing to do with you, Autumn. Just go, please."

From annoyance, Autumn's mood turned suspicious. "No! I can't leave you here alone, " she declared. Autumn now stood in front of Isla and warned the man, "You stay where you are." She faced him boldly and added, "Stay away or you will regret it."

With a smirk, the man hissed, "Little beauty, you better not meddle in business that is none of your concern." He assumed a cockier stance before adding, "I just want to talk to Miss Zhao. There's no need for you to be worried."

very much. As for you…"

Isla pointed at Colin before throwing him a look of contempt, "A person like you would never understand the true meaning of love. And I cannot be bothered to try explaining it to you, because you disgust me! Now, please stay away and stop harassing me!"

Colin refused to be defeated. Sarcastically, he remarked, "Such sweet words from the woman. I am certain my cousin will be moved by what you said." He now looked grim but forced a smile, "When Aron becomes a poor wretch someday, I am almost sure you will abandon him without hesitation. So my suggestion is for you to think of your future now while my eyes are still set on you. Otherwise, you might regret it once I lose interest in you."

He waited for a beat and then added, "Then you will lose any chance to be with me. "Consider your options, " he smirked.

Colin's words only angered Isla more and she showed it. "There is no need to worry about me or my future. And that day you expect will never happen!" she spat at him. Giving Colin one last furious look, she turned to Autumn.

"Let's go!" she snapped. Autumn and Chris looked at Colin with scorn, and then left with Isla.

Isla immediately got in the car and slammed the door shut. She was breathing heavily. Concerned, Autumn said, "I'm sure this isn't the first time Colin has caused you trouble, right?"

Isla nodded sadly. "You're right." But then she assured Autumn, "Don't worry. He won't dare do anything to me now."

Even as she heard the conviction in Isla's tone, Autumn still worried about her. Then she asked, "Does Aron know this? Have you told him?"

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