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   Chapter 400 Nancy Is Injured

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Charles stared at his wife and remarked, "You have really changed, Autumn." He paused briefly, and then continued with his observation. "If it were the old Autumn, you would have asked to see Wendy immediately. You used to trust her so much and would have begged your grandfather to let her go. But now, your choice is completely different, and the change in you is so evident."

Autumn was eager to know what her husband thought. "But it's a good change for me, right?"

She had already felt the changes in herself.

For one, when Rachel had lost everything, she still convinced Roger to break up with her to further humiliate the woman. She justified her actions thinking there were just people who were like snakes that did not deserve sympathy, because they had a tendency to bite the lifesaver once they recovered. And to her mind, Rachel was one such snake.

So, Autumn felt no guilt kicking her when she was already down.

Besides, she was really tired of Rachel's constant pestering.

Charles gave his wife a reassuring smile and said, "Honestly, I have to say the changes are very good."

And he added, "Now, I don't have to worry about you being taken advantage of by people because of your kindness."

He was actually referring to Wendy, who often took advantage of her daughter's unconditional love and trust.

During those times, he was wishing for Autumn to be a little more selfish just to protect herself.

While Autumn insisted Wendy and her fate were of no concern to her, she was haunted by nightmares about her mother. So she slept poorly, and dark shadows circled her eyes the next morning. She freshened up, but slumped in the living room waiting for Nancy to serve breakfast.

"Good morning, Autumn, " Nancy greeted her brightly.

"There is soybean milk and porridge for breakfast. What will you be having?"

Still reeling from lack of sleep, Autumn had very little appetite and settled for a little soybean milk and two dumplings that she asked Nancy to prepare.

As she ate the fried dumplings, Autumn asked, "Why don't you prepare milk for me these days?"

Nancy was startled by the sudden question and a funny look flashed across her face. She regained her composure before replying, "Well, you didn't drink the milk I prepared for you a few days before your travel. And you didn't ask for it after you came back. So, I was thinking you didn't like it anymore. Now you want to have milk again?" she inquired.

Autumn nodded.

Then she explained, "I don't sleep well without drinking milk. So I think I will have it again every night."

Curious but n

e was worried the injuries looked more serious than what Nancy claimed.

"Really, Autumn, I'm okay. Stop worrying, " Nancy said.

She dodged the hand that Autumn reached out to check her face. "Dinner is ready. Go and wash your hands, " Nancy ordered. She went to set the table.

As Nancy turned, Autumn stared at her back, recalling what she witnessed earlier at lunch.

She tried to imagine whether the woman was really Nancy.

Nancy had been the family's housekeeper for most of her life. If it was her that she had seen earlier, how could she be involved with those people, Autumn wondered.

As she was pondering, Charles entered the room, and gave his wife a warm hug. He noticed the worry on her face and asked, "What's the matter?"

You've been standing here for a while. What are you thinking about?"

Autumn wanted to share her thoughts with Charles but decided it was not appropriate. First, she wasn't even sure whether it was Nancy that she saw, and if it really was her, it was none of her business.

"I was waiting for you, " she lied. "You seem to be a little late today."

Charles sighed.

"Well, it's the end of the year. And I have a pile of work to finish. Plus, I got stuck in traffic coming home, " he answered.

Autumn pulled at him. "Come on, wash your hands so we can eat."

Then she added, "Oh, I'm going to buy fruits and snacks for the Spring Festival after dinner with Chris. You want to join us?"

Charles smiled but shook his head.

During dinner, Charles also noticed the bruises on Nancy's face and began inquiring as Autumn did. Nancy gave him the same answers. He frowned at them, unbelieving.

"Nancy, if you're in trouble, I want to know about it, " he said in earnest.

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