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   Chapter 399 The Verdict

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Leila played one last card. "Ah, Mr. Lu? Will you be attending the dinner party tonight?" she asked.

The dinner was in honor of an important client. During similar occasions in the past, Charles always had her accompany him. And she was hoping he would do the same this time around. Every chance to be with Charles was precious for her.

She was surprised when Charles, after considering briefly, said no. Frowning, he told Leila, "Ask David to go with you. I have something else to attend to this evening."

Crestfallen, Leila said, "Okay."

She would have complied with whatever Charles decided. She thought, 'It's foolish to insist on Charles attending tonight. He's already suspected I started the rumor about our inappropriate relationship.' As she turned to leave, she decided, 'I need to stay under the radar in the meantime. Otherwise, I may lose my job.'

Walking out of Charles' office, Leila was now livid. But she remained calm not wanting to show her distress. Anger was useless. If her co-workers saw she was infuriated, they would only make fun of her. And the worst was the possibility of losing her job all because of her desire for the boss.

Charles left the office early and gave notice he was not returning for the day. He went to Autumn's office to pick up his wife. Since they had yet to visit Autumn's family after getting back from their honeymoon, the couple agreed to visit and join the Zhao family for dinner.

"Grandma!" Autumn greeted Emily excitedly when they arrived.

Abby, meanwhile, pulled Charles aside and whispered, "How are things going with your secretary?"

Charles quickly assured her. "Please don't worry, Aunt Abby. I have no feelings for her, and I will never betray Autumn, " he promised. Abby looked him in the eye, saw that he meant every word and remarked, "You better not."

She didn't trust Charles and wanted to hear his sentiments about the matter.

"I'm telling you, if you do anything to hurt Autumn, I will show you no mercy, " she warned, her tone deadly serious.

"I know, " Charles replied.

He was aware Autumn's family, including Abby, was just protective of his wife and did not mind the distrust.

Autumn spied the two huddled in a corner and went up to them. "What are you two talking about?"

She looked from Charles to Abby. "Why so sneaky, hmm?"

It was Abby who answered. "It's nothing. We're just catching up."

There was absolutely no need for Autumn to know about Leila's attempts to seduce Charles, Abby thought.

"We were only discussing Cindy's education, " Charles explained to his wife

r mother, even for the last time.

Autumn thought, 'The most I can and will do, after her execution, is to give her a proper funeral. So there is no need for me to see her in prison.'

Arthur held his granddaughter's hand. "If you really think this is what's best, I respect that. But just in case you change your mind before the execution, tell me so I can make arrangements, " he offered.

Personally, he did not want mother and daughter to meet, too.

Autumn nodded.

Learning about the verdict changed Autumn's mood. Although she tried to dismiss her bad spirits, it was impossible for her to stop thinking about the verdict. After she and Charles left the Zhao family, Charles inquired, "Why don't you want to see her?"

Inside the car, Autumn sat still, not hearing her husband's question. Her thoughts were running in different directions. When she snapped back to the present, she realized Charles was asking about Wendy. She turned to a more comfortable position before replying, "I don't think there's a need to see her."

She stared out the window, eyes sad, before continuing, "I can tell you what she'll say in my sleep. First, she will ask me to save her from prison. Next, she'll blame me or Aron or someone else for her fate. She definitely feels she was unfairly treated. But not once will she consider her behavior. So, if I go see her, I am only looking for trouble. And I do not like to be shouted at while there."

Truth was, had it been any other person but Wendy in prison, Autumn would not think twice about visiting. But because it was her mother, she would not.

Another realization for Autumn was, she actually felt relieved that Wendy would be executed as retribution for her crime.

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